Does anyone know where I can get a Covid-19 Test in the Bergerac area as I need to go back to England in March please?

D oes anyone know where I can get a Covid-19 test please near Bergerac as I need to go back to England in March? Thank you

We recently got a test at Synlab at Castillon-la-Bataille but I would imagine there is a Synlab in Bergerac - you can book the test on their website.


Yes there is a Synlab in Bergerac and they do covid testing there:


Many thanks Martin

There’s an official website on which you can find local test centres. You can’t make an appointment on the website but it tells you how busy each location is.

You can also access the booking form for the appointment.

Thank you Brian. Great help. Martin

If you go to Bergerac and park right in the centre by the big church you will see a nice noticeable war memorial opposite the front of the church, with a little square white tent on the pavement behind it: that is the walk-in testing place (run by the lab in the adjacent building, they don’t allow covid testing candidates inside). They will send you your results by email.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I’m also looking for a Covid test as I need to go back to the UK to complete our move to France - the links mentioned seem to be only for people who are in the healthcare system - can anyone point me to any links to get these tests privately.

Hi Yogesh,

Private testing centres do exist. I suggest you carry out an online search using “covid depistage privé” plus your postcode. That should bring up a list of local testing centres. Good luck…


Cheers. Martin


I thought I was thanking someone for answering a question.

All those tips are very helpful as hopefully we’ll be able to travel from the UK by Easter and no doubt, covid tests will be necessary. Thank you.


I don’t think they were called Martin - sorry childish I know!

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I believe that Christopher is is given name and Martin is the name he uses.

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Not sure whether my questions are going to the right place or coming back to the right place.
So if we can start again I have another question (sorry but I haven’t found out any places to meet up with Brits. as everywhere seems to be closed because of Covid-19.
A French friend in England before Christmas and the Brexit pantomime was in full flow stood me that it might be a good idea to take up French residency before December 31, 2020. I could not see any harm so applied, filled in all the forms of evidence, etc. and was accepted. I then received what is a sort of code reference for making changes even after the January deadline had passed.
I was very happy with that but only received the final confirmation and code reference on December 31st. Unfortunately there is a mistake they sent to me just before the deadline.
Everything was correct except my name!
My full name is Christopher Martin Walker but they have registered me as
Christopher Christopher Walker. It’s not wrong but it’s not totally accurate either.
Would this be considered as a fake residency document?

don’t worry about it, lots of people have made similar mistakes as the translation on the form is not very clear. when you go for your appointment in Perigueux just take your passport and point out to them the error and they’ll make sure your card is printed correctly.

Just to clarify for others that may be reading this and get confused. The 31/12 deadline was to be resident (physically here in 2020). The online application for the card (which is what you are speaking of) has a closing date of 30/06/21 by when everyone must have applied.

You’re such a help. I will just wait patiently and hopefully enjoy the outcome.
Martin (Christopher!)


As you are in the Dordogne you shouldn’t have to wait too long, around a month until you get your email with your appointment (generally within a week later). Obviously with Christmas / NY it may be a little longer.