Does anyone live in Toulouges, Canohes or nearby? (Perpignan)

Good morning
We have recently moved to Toulouges (just outside Perpignan). I am Welsh, hubby is French (he was living in the UK for 23 years) and we have our 22 year old son with us. Just reaching out to see who might be nearby, possibly to arrange get togethers or simply chat via the forum.
Look forward to hearing from you all.

If you visit your local Tourist Office and/or Mairie - you might well find all sorts of information about what is going on and the various clubs/societes/interests … it’s not just stuff for tourists. :relaxed:

Also, have you introduced yourselves at your Mairie ?? They’ll get you into the loop with all local stuff, even down to how to sort your rubbish.

What brought you all to France ??

Hi Stella
My husband is French and we have family close by. We’ve been visiting for over 20 years and always loved it here. We finally took the plunge and came over in June. It’s been hectic ever since with a heatwave thrown in for good measure. We’ve been to the Mairie and this weekend there’s a Forum des Associations which should be great. I was just wondering if there were any other British or French / British families living in our area. Thanks for all your suggestions.

I’m sure there will be other Brits but since you haven’t really noticed them over the 20 years, they are probably well integrated and pass for French …:relaxed::relaxed:

The Forum des Ass should be interesting - getting yourself seen/known at the very least.

Yes that’s what I thought and I’ve already spotted a dance class that I might sign up to. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, do go… it should be such fun - whatever sort of Dancing it is.

French Traditional dancing classes started nearly 20 years ago, led by a Brit Dance Teacher and an enthusiastic Girl Friday (me). Originally under the auspices of the Comité des Fêtes, it is now an Association in its own right (and going from strength to strength).

French is, of course, the common language - but we have folk of all nationalities…

I foresee much fun in the years ahead for you and your family…:upside_down_face::relaxed:

Incidentally, having seen another of your posts… I would add that we have one lady who is completely blind. She prefers to dance with her husband, as she feels most confident with him - naturally so - and this means there are some dances she will sit-out. However, she does manage to join in most of the time and loves being with us all, whatever.