Does AR work for international post?

I was just about to take a few letters - for which I need proof of receipt - to La Poste and then realised that they were all for UK addresses and I have no idea if the AR would work, or if there is something else that covers this.

Does anybody know?

I suppose I could ask the lady at La Poste but, although very sweet, she's a bit dippy... ran out of forms for registered/AR letters, left the keys in the door when locking up so I had to chase her up the road...

Fair enough Steve. The UK Post Office must be more efficient than my target country's.

Thanks again. I still haven't got around to posting the letters so all replies are very interesting and welcome!

Hi Chrissie,

The "Lettre Recommandée Internationale" from la Poste includes a signed for receipt and you can insure the contents for either €45 or €150.

What is does not include is the ability to track it's progress. If you want tracking as well you should consider a courrier service such as DHL, TNT or Chronopost.

Last year I sent approx 6 registered letters to the UK.

I have had receipts returned in all but 1 case, that letter went missing and I eventually received approx 40€ in compensation.

From my experience Chrissie it doesn’t work because the post offices overseas don’t know what to do with it. I’ve wasted postage with no slip ever returned.

Thanks Steve.

I've written that down so I can make sure I get the right form... if she has one!

There is a different form for International letters Fiche de Dépot d'un Recommandé Internationale