Does fibre give you the option of English tv channels?

Are there any fibre offers in France which give you the chance to watch English channels?

I can’t say definitively but I did a lot of general research before being fibre in France, including running through the channel lists, and never saw much, if any, UK content.

Depends what you’re looking for but a VPN will give access to stuff like iPlayer, Channel 4 and ITVX.


Orange has the “Bouquet TV anglophone” for €5 p/month… but looking at the channels they offer I don’t think it’s good value for money.

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Unless you’re the one person on earth who watches only these six entirely random channels I think this may be the understatement of the year.

Also, if you are the one person on earth who watches only these six entirely random channels I think you may need to seek help.



Fox news :flushed::roll_eyes: really :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Maybe being pedantic, but it is not ‘the fibre’ that will give you offers to watch English channels - the fibre is merely a conduit. It is a provider who will give you the desired channels on fibre or copper ADSL.

Unlikely that a French provider will offer a full range of UK channels. If you want a full range of English channels, the subscribe to a VPN and then subscribe to someone like NOW who will give you a bevvy of channels from the mainstream UK broadcasters.


I am signed upto ExPat TV on my fibre system and it comes via Eire. You get all the current UK channels, plus catchups and other bits and pieces. I has the french news channels too like France 24. You can find out about it on google.

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Ouch… $30 p/month is very expensive for IPTV

I’d go so far as to call it an outrageous rip-off.

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If you think $30 is outrageous for a ‘full pack’ of channels, then you, like me, will be apoplectic with Sky! £30 - £60 per month - just for sport :rofl: And they have 20 odd million people paying…

I was just saying it’s expensive for IPTV… For anyone interested in that, you can get it for a year for a little more than what they’re charging monthly :grin:

I had Sky Sports for many, many years (even in France) and honestly didn’t mind paying the fee. Compared to the price of a ticket to see a Premier League game live or watch my beloved Bath rugby club, or go to Silverstone for the Grand Prix. What pissed me off was when, for example, the rights to football games was split between Sky and BT… Suddenly you needed more than one sports subscription. As if the FA and their equivalents don’t make enough money as is.

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That’s why I don’t have Sky as, for me, it’s such poor value for money. Nonetheless, in the context of IPTV, $30 per month is ridiculous.

I’m not sure it is. I would watch maybe a couple of football games a week, a rugby game, an F1 race… Let’s say 8 hours per week or 32 hours per month. If I break it down like that, Sky Sports used to cost me £1 per hour.

Agree 100%!

We have Sky and BT/TNT sport or whatever they are calling themselves at the moment, we have it for my FiL who at 89 mostly watches sport for most of the day now, snooker, football, tennis, golf, bowling, athletics, swimming and tipping point :roll_eyes: I watch the European football at night when I have time, but he pays for it so we cannot complain about it, but the price is a rip off, my wife pays for paramount and Netflix, I pay for Disney as I enjoy Sci Fi and have a lot of time at night due to me not sleeping, I used to DIY at night but can’t any more with them staying here now, it’s all through a VPN with a dedicated IP.

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How about a good old freesat installation. More than enough channels to watch.


Dosn’t the satelitie signal diminish the further south you go here? I used to have it in Bretagne until the cables wore away and I couldn’t be bothered to get it all fixed. I havn’t seen one single satelite dish on this estate so far, wonder if that is progress or not!

this is the footprint of the astra 2e sat. If you are below Toulouse you may not be able to pick it up very strong.

Never mind Toulouse, it is very iffy these days in N. Dordogne with an 80cm dish. Bizarrely I can usually get round it by switching to the next channel, and back again. :astonished: :joy:

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Yes I am well south of the limit now. I still have a freesat box that my daughter bought me from John Lewis some years back and wasn’t cheap. Changing the subject a bit, I have a dresser full of old video, DVD,sky boxes that we kept and which followed me down here, maybe one day they will be museum pieces :smile:

South of Toulouse, a 2M dish will give a clear picture even through moderate terrestrial storms.

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