Does it stink or is it good?

I know, I’ve caught it off James :grinning: but so far it doesn’t seem to be anywhere except The Guardian, and I would be interested to see how you guys feel about this.

Instinctively I think the deal stinks. Do I need take a step back and then will it look better?

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Mmm… I was sceptical of it when it was first announced… and nothing has changed …:disappointed_relieved:

The deal so-called stinks to high heaven and threatens the Peace Process.

It’s difficult to see how it can’t be classed as a bribe (which would be illegal) with taxpayers money unless the money was already earmarked for Northern Ireland, in which case the DUP wouldn’t have needed to agree to support the Government, they’d have been free to vote on a case by case basis (much the same as the Lib Dems could have done during the disastrous coalition years).

It stinks, they know it stinks but staying in power at any cost is more important to the Tories than any other consideration.

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I’m just unhappy because I thought this was going to be about cheese :frowning: