Does NATO EU mean anything?

I think Macron and our Noble Leader, have lost the plot, bombing Syria, without a mandate from their Governments, NATO, or the UN, I suspect, both ‘leaders’ have lost a lot of support, for acting like ‘little napoleons’, before taking irrevocable action, would it not have been better, to have presented a unified European/NATO opposition to the barbaric acts in Syria, btw, where is Germany, Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe?

I did not know Syria was a NATO member if its not whats thats to do with NATO
As for our European partners many countries like Germany do not engage in any external European states military action or like Sweden and Switzerland remain neutral Russia and perhaps Syria are just poking the world in the eye and saying what are you going to do about it

Lost on “our Noble leader” I have never been allowed to vote

OK, sorry for you Graham, if you don’t ‘don’t get it Mate’, try :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:
BTW recognize you, from another site, I think, odd, how folks, cann’t hide their ‘style’ :grin: :roll_eyes:

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Bill, they would never have a mandate from the UN because of the Russian veto.
The UN is there to protect the countries of its members and as none of them have been threatened, they are not in the picture.
Theresa May will have to face Parliament tomorrow.
There is also a movement to demand a Referendum on the propositions for leaving the EU.

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IMO the UK and France should have left well alone, if the US want to get involved that’s up to them but you are never going to dissuade Russia or Iran from helping Assad stay in power. I hope that the brief flurry of missles is a one off and that from now on any further action has the backing of the UN so there’s at least some legitimacy.

On an aside the World Cup is in Russia in a couple of months so I would imagine Putin will be careful not to do anything daft before that ends.

Agree with that Tim, but I have to add, I couldn’t possibly care any less, about the World cup! :wink:

I will love to know what you really mean what is your definition of style
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Bill Morgan Bill
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I will love to know what you really mean what is your definition of my style :grin: :roll_eyes:

You know me where ? an ex banker, retired army officer and the last job a bus driver {the best ) been in France 21 years 4 address and nearing my UK pension anly clues

Think about it , maybe in the morning :slightly_smiling_face:

And it’s worth bearing in mind that president Assad doesn’t owe a euro a great British pound a dime a nickel or a shekel or a franc or a dollar to the IMF…???

Not sure of the relevance of that statement to this discussion Helen.