Does Sturgeon have more cojones than the vacillating serial adulterer in No. 10 - just asking

She has no need…she’s a woman so can manage extremely well without. Unfortunately Boris can’t.

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If she actually says “nae” to Trump she definitely has more cojones :slight_smile:


The bottle dungeon in the castle in St Andrews would be a good place for him.

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I don’t thing it’s big enough to hold his ego.

Can you imagine his reaction if this played on the front lawn of Turnberry every night :yum::grin:.

I am not really sure that she could stop him coming as are loads of reasons he could give business wise or he could just say he had a meeting with Dominic Cummings and Rees-Mogg :yum:.

In Scotland?
What valid reason could those three possibly have for arranging a meeting in Scotland, where none of them has any official position, without the First Minister’s say so?
Both Cummings and RM ( Jacob Rees-Mogg 'broke Covid rules by crossing tiers to go to church' | Metro News ) already have form for breaking Covid rules in England. Doesn’t mean they will be allowed to do it in Scotland too.

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Turnberry has…

A Castle…check
A Church…check
A planning department …check


It’s not a state visit. It’s Donny Trump turning up at Prestwick or somewhere clutching his passport and dragging his Trunki (courtesy of Dragon’s Den).

OK so owning a castle that means you can flout the rules right that explains it

Don’t forget half his family plus Farage, Johnson, Gove , Scummings - oh if only we could choose!

It was nice to see that Margaret Ferrier MP was arrested by Scottish police, after the Met had declined to do so (maybe just a jurisdictional politeness), so anything may be possible.
DJT could always be reminded that the Ecuadorian embassy is back in business if he’s worried about Cyrus Vance or the Georgia state AG looking to feel his collar.

Cojones or not She is a damn sight easier to understand.

She sure talks a lot of cahones.

I think she’s the best of the four UK leaders though Ian. Johnson is obviously an incompetent arse, Foster is a bigot and an arse and the I’ve no idea what Mr. Invisible in Wales is up to, he seems a nice person but he’s very woolly (which maybe is appropriate in Wales). I think Sturgeon is intelligent, honest and focussed. She’s the only one I’d trust anyway.


Eventually the Sturgeon clan’s true M.O. surfaces.

No-one has any clue to the facts at the moment until the police investigation is complete, anything else at the moment is just supposition.

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I must say, I’m bewildered by the whole thing.

It (the SNP under Sturgeon) all looks a bit cultic to me. Obviously in hindsight.