Does the British government's ignoring of Russian involvement in assassinations to keep Russian Money in London amount to appeasement?

It now appears that the British government has ignored warnings and information from both the US and French secret services regarding the assassinations of both Russian and British to avoid upsetting Putin and keeping Russian money in London.
When we think of all the paperwork we have to trawl through to withdraw from our Assurance Vie, it beggars belief that the UK government is allowing suspect money to be invested in London property etc.
Has the UK Government being appeasing Russia? Will it only now show some backbone now that a British policeman has been hurt?

Hi Jane… can you tell us where you are getting this information from.

A link… be it Newspaper or TV or whatever… would be useful.


In a word Buzzfeed has undertaken and published an investigation into suspect past assassinations.
The world Service of the BBC has also had interviews on the subject.

Oh… I must admit I have never heard of Buzzfeed… :zipper_mouth_face:

It was also the subject of a question in the House to the Home Secretary today.
I can’t believe that you have never heard of Buzzfeed. It is an online news agency.
I am not the most up to date in technology, but I do like to know what’s going on.

Here’s the report. It’s from June 2017.

You really can believe it Jane… never heard of Buzzfeed.

I read the BBCWorld News (in English) on-line…the French News (in French) on-line… and that is about it. (quite enough for me to take in)

Oh… and I listen to French radio… as well… while I’m pottering about :relaxed:

I have a digital radio, which is now functioning well, previous post, which keeps me in touch with the BBC Today Programme and world Service.
Channel 4 News is excellent.

Thanks Mandy… had a look at this site… its layout does not appeal to me, but that does not mean its content is naff… just that I would not bother following it myself.

BBC and France will have done some reporting back in 2017… just as they are doing currently… :relaxed:

I don’t like it either. It has serious news but it’s also full of nonsense. Not a site that I follow either.

I find that after reading the News in 2 languages… I’ve got a fair idea of what is going on… :relaxed::relaxed:

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Well Putin’s latest “hostile” act was to send gas over to the UK during the latest cold snap so we wouldn’t run out…the Salisbury incident is puzzling but so far with no evidence it’s only the BBC convinced that “Russia did it”…MbS is in London at the mo discussing a 65 billion trade and investment deal with Theresa May and she hopes to raise the subject of human rights abuses in Yemen off camera during dinner…George Webb did a brilliant investigation into Haiti and sarin gas and dyncorp (It would take a while to go through his investigation from scratch but Day 53 onwards Where is Eric Braverman) Theres also an ex lawyer whose work I take an interest in…She says “Haiti was a money laundering operation and theft…billions in wire transfers were sent to America through corresponding bank routes but never reached America…Haiti was one of the corresponding banks that received the money to forward to the next corresponding bank on the route but the disaster happened just as the money arrived in Haiti and the money was disappeared never reaching its final destination…Nothing and no one was allowed to participate in aid to Haiti without application to and approval by bill Clinton first…he already had all the applications and approvals done before the disaster had even happened…the disaster was man made and every transaction before during and after was tracked and is part of the “data vault” now being released…” There’s also the journalist Eva Bartlett…Quite how what I’ve just written ties into why it’s so difficult to wrestle our own money out of a bank or our savings I’m not sure…x :slight_smile:

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This is a serious piece of investigative journalism from Buzzfeed.
It is hardly unlikely that another country that would be able to produce a nerve agent would choose to assassinate a Russian on UK territory, unless it was acting on behalf of Russia.
There is no doubt that Putin is a tyrant whom we ignore at our peril.

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I have not said that this was not a serious report.

Buzzfeed? Serious? What was it that that American tennis player said?

Perhaps you are unaware that there is a very suspicious death of a Brit, Paul Castle, as well.

Buzzfeed is not a totally reliable ‘news’ source.

Maybe not, but is it not strange that MP’s are asking questions in the House concerning exactly the same items that were brought up in the Buxxfeed article?
The BBC and other news media seem to have been collectively silent on this matter.
The British public have been deliberately kept in the dark just as in a totalitarian state.
It matters to me that another state considers it OK to assasinate people in UK and get away with it.

I’ve just been listening to Radio 4 and the Russian incident was fairly high profile. There was no indication that anyone was going to get away with anything.
In my life I’ve been involved with a few things where it was best if something was not spread far and wide ranging from signing what is referred to as the Official Secrets Act several times to having a brother in law who worked on the East Enders set. It never crossed my mind that others who did not have any knowledge of my insider information would be fretting that they were being kept in the dark.

Buzzfeed and Fox ‘News’ have a lot in common.
Just sayin’