Does your cat have cat-itude?

I met the ‘owners’ of one of our adopted cats the other day and they described their cat as having a lot of CAT-ITUDE. The cat's new name is Sarge and he is a skinny indoor /outdoor ginger cat. He didn't want to be in the office where we were talking, and you could tell from a mile away that he was definitely the boss.

As a cat lover - I knew exactly what Sarge's owner meant by "cat-itude." Do you?

What is cat-itude?

To me - it is a cat that has a bit of an attitude and who definitely runs the show. There's no mistaking that they are in charge.

It can be a cat that wants attention at times...and on their terms. They wanted to be petted....until they don't. First they want to go outside, then they want to come in. They might sit right down on top of your book or keyboard, or even just yell their heads off until you pay attention to them. And many of them just love to wake you up!

Does your cat have cat-itude?

Here is my own ginger and white, Indi - draw your own conclusions!!

Oh my - what cuties (and the Mom as well!) Just as well that you are so far away from us - I might not be able to resist......

Tiny darling angels, aren't they pretty, shiny and perfect. Bless you for tending the family. Yes, neutering is the way, for the whole lot!

they are so adorable Kent, thank you for such a wonderful tale too!! You obviously have that cat attraction in your blood!!

Let us know if you need help rehoming these little ones, and don't forget to post them in the Pet Rescue group too.

Yes, you’re right, Lynn: due for a good old neutering, that little lady - and she’s not even our cat, don’t suppose she’ll dip her paw in her purrs for that: we thought she belonged to a neighbour but: WRONG!

I have had cats around for most of my life. When I was a kid, my Granddad used to bring some odd beasties back from ‘the margarine works’ where he was a foreman in the ‘power-house’. He told me the tale of one, none too bright, specimen who managed to slither down into the trough that encased the bottom chord of a huge cast iron flywheel that was part of a compressor: visualise, if you will, one of those huge industrial revolution machines. The machine was shut down; they tried all sorts of plans to extract it, to no avail. It was about 4ft deep and very greasy and the poor moggie was trapped under the flywheel and couldn’t scrabble out of the grease. After much trying - and needing to get the compressor running again - there was formulated the ‘do-or-die’ plan. The compressor was started up, “BUM-BUM-BE-DUM-BUM-BUM-BE-DUM-BUM!” to an accompaniment of cat squealings, “ME-OUT, ME-OUT!!!” and two of the guys simultaneously threw buckets of water down the pit in the direction of rotation. Out flew kitty, water, grease and gunge. Kitty was caught in mid-air and, after a good clean up, survived to tell his tale.

As for noise in my workshop; I think she can cope: I was replacing the wall yesterday.

They have an instinct for knowing where they are best off Kent. Please get her neutered once the kittens are weaned, she will very quickly become pregnant again and will keep presenting you with lovely bundles! Also be careful in appraoching her, she will be very protective and can cause a lot of damage, she may also abandon the kittens if she fels threatened! Hope you weren't planning on doing much work in your workshop?

Feel free to contact me through, for any further help/advice

Cheeky local stray invaded, what I laughingly call, my workshop yesterday, installed herself comfortably - and had 5 kittens. We had been giving her some nibbles from time to time so we've only got ourselves to blame. I'll give her some fresh bedding when she stops hissing at me; grumpy beast.![](upload://wWT0S1djhwvfRpsfNVArDpq8h6j.jpg)

I think they're both looking pretty guilty!!

Indi is a beauty.

I think Bosco is saying in this photo..'ok do you really think it was me or big ears who stole that shoe' ?

Lynn - my plans for the next year or two would not be fair on a pet, so I won't be following up on your excellent suggestion.

Don't think so -- he was always just on a permanent "high"!! :-)

I take it all back about ginger cats being rascals, Stephen and Kent.

Your photos are wonderful!!

Sorry to hear this Roger, but had he just had some "herbe à chat" when this was taken?

I called this little fella "Ray" but the kids across the road call him "Garfield". I don't know about attitude but this one's a real softy.![](upload://hRoO0zsRdM1AJG4rroz0UqLEnYv.jpg)

OH! We know about Cati-tude, we have 16? Boy what a bunch!!!!!!

How DARE you speak so ungraciously to French royalty?! Remember, we are guests in this country.

Hilary, I'm surprised that birds are even still coming after the occupation of their feeding place ;-) !

With a partly bald bottom, Toby finds himself in slightly reduced circumstances. However, his alternative (and preferred) name is The Marquis de Meece!! People often ask me how the "Marquis" is doing!! He is fast returning to his haughty and demanding ways. I reminded him the other day that he is a cat of unknown origins rescued from a french village back garden - he Stormed out of the cat flap!!!! Cat-titude and then some I think

Ginger cats are so funny! Joey thinks he rules the roost!

Methinks he knew exactly where he belonged Regina!