Dog & Cat Food help


(Helen Wright) #21

Do you have the recipe for that Teresa…??? I can buy chicken livers and gizzards here…my boy will eat them…a couple added to his meal but my girl is a bit more picky and leaves them to one side…

I’ve heard that bone broth is really good for them too…especially if they are poorly…???

(Teresa Shipley) #22

I literally blend 500gms of chicken livers with one egg and enough oats to make fairly thick consistency, I spread it out on a Swiss roll tin and cook it on about 150 centigrade until it’s firm . About 40 mins to an hour, just keep checking it. When it’s cold I cut it up into small pieces(sometimes I do this as I use it because there is so much). I freeze it and take it out as I need it.
It works out much cheaper than bought treats and I know what’s in it.

(Teresa Shipley) #23

Never done the broth but it’s supposed to be good.
Another good supplement is to blend one Apple, one carrot, a handful of spinach, one egg including shell, a dessert spoon of alfalfa and one of kelp and a couple of tablespoons of natural yoghurt. I have a 24 small hole cake tin. I divide the mixture into the tin and then freeze it. Once frozen I put the little balls into a freezer bag in the freezer and add one to my dogs food daily.

(Jane Jones) #24

Love the chicken liver treats idea. Will try that straight away!

We get bones from our local hunters after they’ve butchered the boar/deer and make bouillon from them that we freeze. Our dog loves it!

(stella wood) #25

This sounds fit for Human consumption… :hugs: am I right… ???

(Teresa Shipley) #26

Yes, definitely, although I’ve never eaten any. I’ve done it with lambs liver too but chicken is not so strong.

(stella wood) #27

I love home-made chicken liver paté…

(anon42626915) #28

Try MaxiZoo, they are american style pet super stores in France and have the best range of pet food I have ever seen here.
A googl search should help find the nearest store to where you are.

(Teresa Ewart) #29

Ladies (and Paul!)
So sorry to be exceptionally tardy with my reply - I live in the Vaucluse and we’ve had a tremendous storm week = trees down, flooding, roof partly off a barn, tree branch fell on car, no internet. Thanks, - it’s been marvellous!

Anyway, thanks for the lively discussion. The picky eaters coming are my Irish chef friends dogs who eat home-made. And I’m afraid I’ve had a bit of an epiphany. Good grief. You have no idea what they put in dog food - there’s a reason it’s always next to the cleaning products in the supermarkets!

Actually I think you probably all DO KNOW what’s in dog food - but maybe like me you’ve always been too afraid or too lazy (me) to bother. I’M A CHEF !!! I store my dogs food in a BIN… It has to stop. I love our dogs and cats (almost) as much as I love my husband. I know lots of people who actually prefer their pets! So, I decided if I can cook for my husband and my clients I can cook (or not) for the dogs and cats too. I’ve been experimenting and researching… I’ve always made treats for them - liver treats like my namesake here and dog biscuits with pumpkin, or carrot or apple. I make them at holidays and give them to our clients, in bone shapes or hearts or baubles at Christmas.

(Recipe to follow for the treats)

Anyway I’m afraid I might bore you with my research I’ll share my ideas and discoveries here! All thoughts & recipes welcome

x teresa (bisous from dogs George and Nell, cats Tiny and Larry)

(Teresa Ewart) #30


600g Liver (chicken - but you can use rabbit or calves or whatever)
1 Clove Garlic Crushed (ok for dogs - unless they eat 2 bulbs a go - a myth)
2 Carrots - grated
2 Courgettes - grated
300g flour


it is very easy but a bit yucky to make - i suggest rubber gloves, no hangover

In a blender, whizz the liver until ‘liquid’, slowly add flour, garlic and the veg.
It should be sticky.

Oven on at 140, pour it into a lined metal tray or 2, about 2cm deep
Cook until firm but springy - 45mins? - allow to cool then cut up into little squares - treat sized. Bag up in 10s or 20s and Freeze. Defrost as required. Our dog goes crazy for them and we only use them for training. Super easy, lasts forever in the freezer and 3 days or more in the fridge.

(Ann Coe) #31

Tempted to give this a go for adult aperos, it’s got all the ingredients I like :wink:
Seriously, have you tried it for yourself Teresa ?

(Teresa Ewart) #32

Good grief Ann Coe - are you that desperate for apero recipes? Actually I have tried it (i try everything I make - that’s why i don’t cook tripe…) - it’s quite bland and a bit stodgy, but George in particular is addicted. He’s still young but my husband who’s not known for his dog whispering skills has taught him to “High Five” It’s of no use but it’s a great party trick…
I’ll post a much tastier chicken liver and fig recipe for you later
x teresa

(Ann Coe) #33

Rather it’s that I don’t like cooking Teresa, not my talent at all, and your recipe looked so easy :dizzy_face:
Would like your chicken liver and fig one though, could try it out on my poor suffering mum ! Mind you, it’s her I blame, after all I ‘inherited’ her skills :wink:

(Jan Burgess) #34

Having had dogs for years I decided the only option to avoid huge Vets bills in later life was to feed them as close to bio as possible. Here in France I buy YARRA, but supplement with Lily’s dog food from the UK which I order in bulk four times a year.

(Jane Jones) #35

Blimey! That must cost a fortune so I hope you only have a very small dog! The Yarrah only has about 20% meat, and the Lliy’s has nothing that you couldn’t get here, so wouldn’t you be better off preparing your own? At 7 to 10 euros per kilo that is a phenomenal price, I love my dog but …

(Teresa Ewart) #36

The Daz Doorstep Challenge (if you’re old enough to remember) aka TRY IT FOR FREE

I want my dogs and cats to be healthy and happy - and since I beleive you are what you eat - I think the same goes for them. I run a vegetarian and vegan catering business - which ticks along very well, but this dog food thing has got me all fired up. I’m told there are quite a few new ‘artisanal’ company’s in the UK making proper food for pets, and so I’m going to have a whirl at creating fresh dog food - ready to eat or freeze. It does seem there a huge gap in the market for proper pet food in France.

I think some of you would be would be a target customers if you lived near me (i’m near vaison la romaine in the 84, 40 mins north of Avignon in provence) since i plan to deliver within a 30km radius OR people can order via the website and pick up at our daily market stand. I wondered if anyone would be interested in getting their dogs to try the food?
I’m messing around with packaging now and some marketing - but I’m doing testing with 5 dogs here and the first ‘basic’ recipe is at the lab (! - don’t have to do this for my human food thank goodness)

It would be free of course. pm me if you’re interested - the idea being I would courier it to you, so you would have it next day?
thanks, Teresa

(Caroline Falconer) #37

I have 2 very fussy cats and buy everything for them from I used them in U.K. and they offer a huge range of quality items at cheaper prices - I get my cat litter in bulk too

(Teresa Ewart) #38

Hello, thank you - yes, we use zoo plus all the time - they’re probably the best ‘pet shop’ available either online or bricks… it’s real food i was looking for - not raw meat but proper food from a small company. it’s easily available in the US and lots of other european countries.
anyway - i decided to make it myself! … but not for cats just now - typical cats - they are so complicated! (although ours loves the food i make for our dog george - and it’s better than plastic bones…)

(Helen Wright) #39

Just wondering how you quantify “real food…proper food from a small company”… against real raw meat and bone…???

I’ve fed raw for years…there did seem to be more raw meat and bone suppliers in uk but here I just buy lots of different raw meat and bone and fish from a supermarket and feed it to them raw…job done…x :slight_smile:

I’ve never fed mine a plastic bone…nor rawhide nor freeze dried…I’ve always found that the best way to avoid giving them plastic bones is to give them a real one…x :slight_smile:

(Teresa Shipley) #40

My dog loves a cow hoof but boy do they smell!