Dog/Cat Insurance

Have any pet owners taken out insurance for their poochies and moggies here, if so please would they give an indication of how much they pay per month/year.

Thanks in advance.

Never bothered since we arrived having previously had everything insured - I vaguely looked at it but the exclusions / payouts / actual cost of vets fees didn’t seem to make sense. Haven’t bothered insuring the horse either for the same reason.

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I spoke to @Fabien about dog insurance and he basically said it was not financially viable.

If you want to get an idea you can try bulle bleue they are basically the best you can find so if their premiums don’t seem appealing to you then don’t look any further :wink:

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Interesting to hear that many of you do not have insurance for your dogs…

Just wondering whether this is somehow covered by “household”…

The other day a Brit knocked at my door, to tell me that he had been bitten by a large, vicious dog… while he was cycling along a quiet road in our commune. (no laughing matter, large bite on his backside :thinking: )

anyway… I told him to get jabs etc… He wanted to ensure the Mairie would do something about the dog, on behalf of other road users. So off we went. The Mairie reiterated about the jabs… and undertook to contact the owner to ensure that all bills would be paid… (they definitely mentioned Insurance)… and ensure that the dog would be properly restrained.

Now, if a dog causes an accident and/or bites people… things could become quite expensive. Are folk prepared to pay for this as-and-when… ???

Just wondering…

I saw a sign at the vet’s once offering a “very attractive & competive monthly rate”…it appeared to be only slightly more “attractive & competitive” than trying to pay off the National Debt singlehanded.
As for incidents such as Stella posted, I had a dog take one of my geese & kill a Muscovy…my neighbour said that if the bloke had the balls to come round & offer to do something, that his household / public liability insurance could be used…don’t know if this works or not, as the bloke never turned up, & his identity remains a mystery

I assumed the op was referring to traditional pet insurance for vets fees. The dogs and horses are covered on household insurance (specifically added in our case), in the event that they get out and cause an accident / bite someone etc.
So probably best to check the policy.


I’m wondering if there are 2 lines of Insurance… one which would cover all medical expenses for the dog… and something else (public liability ?) perhaps…

Cat has now mentioned this… Now I’m “back in town” I’ll check on what finally happened… :relaxed:

I think “pet insurance” is just that
Accidents etc I’ve heard are/ can be covered on domestic policies
Don’t know more I’m afraid

Yes I think it depends whether you mean pet insurance covering vet fees or public liability…???

In UK a free 4-6 week insurance plan was always provided with the puppy by the breeder…I always continued this up until my pups were a year old…

After that then rather than reinsure I have just always had a small contingency fund set aside for potential vet bills…the only time I have had to use it here was for a single dog cremation with return of ashes…

I’m pretty sure that once a dog is 8 years old then no insurer wants them…(?)

My household insurance here covers public liability should they get out and cause an accident or bite someone…it’s a considerable amount of cover as I recall but would need to check the policy…my household insurance is €360 per annum with public liability included…

It is totally standard that household insurance will cover public liability for your pets. Recently our dog jumped up at a neighbour (who was encouraging him it has to be said) and knocked his brand new varifocal glasses to the ground. Our household insurance paid for it.

As for medical insurance. Look at the premiums, put that amount aside each year and you’ll most probably be quids in. They will rarely pay out for dogs over 8 anyway.

We’ve never insured ours, here or in the UK.

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I saw a poster for dog/cat insurance at the vet surgery and they have to be under 6 or 7 when you start. I must say none of mine have been insured.

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Thanks for all the replies, they confirm what we thought that on balance it’s probably not worth the expense. We had pet insurance in the UK but when we moved here in 2005 it didn’t seem to be available so we just wondered whether things had changed since then.

We’ll check our home insurance policy just to make sure we’re covered in case our new pooch does any damage.

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