Dog food

As we hope to be moving to France soon , very soon we hope , and having 4 Old English Sheepdogs i have been keeping an eye open for dog food and find the cost a bit mind boggling especialy as we use 15kg per week so anything from 25 to 60 euros a week depending on quality are we the only people mad enough to have more than one dog , having worked with the OES rescue in the UK for 30 years we seem to be suckers for punishment never setting out to have more than one dog but there is always that phone call and a voice says we have a dog in distress can you help but the satisfaction of turning that frightened very snappy and sometimes aggressive bundle of skin bone and matted fur into a trusting playfull friend can't be measured ,by that time they are part of the family and cant be parted from us.



You might want to check, cheapest place we have found in France for pigs ears.