Dog/Housesitter Needed

We’re off to the UK for the last 2 weeks of August and we need to find carers for the dogs (Labradors - soppy and loveable), the cat (aloof but turns on the charm when hungry) and the goldfish (they swim a lot), and it would be nice to come back to a garden full of healthy plants rather than shrivelled offerings!

Both dogs were adopted, and Sophie in particular would have a very hard time in a pension - she was rescued from a puppy farm and so is very fearful of being shut in - I think a standard kennels would destroy her. However they are absolutely fine with other dogs, and children, and anyone who is nice to them. They just need affection and walks.

We live in![](upload://wSa7eeGuxFd5DjsoNqCqDtiNJEc.jpg) the Hautes-Vosges in an old farmhouse which is divided into our bit and two holiday rentals - we are not taking any bookings for those 2 weeks, so it would just be the critters and garden. 3000 sq m garden/meadow which is fenced in so no worries about dog escape bids! Accomodation either in our part of the house, or one of the gites. Possibility of staying on for a holiday afterwards. Use of car if needed (ancient Golf but she goes).

The house will be on the market so there is the possibility someone might want to view it, but the immobilier would warn you and accompany any potential purchasers.

If anyone knows of anyone, or fancies a working holiday, please let me know.

Thank you!

I have just had my dogs looked after while I was in Paris. I can thoroughly recommend the chap and his wife. So if interested, let me know and I will send you their details. They might enjoy seeing another part of France. they are currently sitting near Limoges.

I did list with trustedhousesitters and had many responses. However our very own Bruce Brewer's niece and her friend have volunteered which is fab.

Thanks to everyone for advice and practical help. Should I find myself needing a dog nanny again, I know where to come!

Hi Fiona,

We have the same problem here, I prefere to go away leaving someone to look after dogd and house and count the cats! We use"Trusted" The people there come to stay as a holiday , they dont charge and so ar have been fab!Good luck.

Looks like you might have found someone - we love labradors and would be interested during the winter months and early spring - the rest of the year we can't leave our garden for too long. If there is another time you need someone....

Hi Fiona

I am very new to this so not sure if I have the right bit to reply in!! I sent you a message on FaceBook today regarding your furry family. I have now been 'approved' so am writing again. I would be interested - newly retired, living in Guernsey, animal crazy (I have been pet sitting here for six years). I had intended to come over to visit friends in Charente Maritime anyway this summer. I would like to discuss with you if you are interested. I come with excellent refs! Contact info was sent in the message on FB.

Regards Sarah

Sounds splendid. Will have a go at messaging!

Hi, Fiona. Our niece, who is visiting us for a week, seems interested. She's 33, reliable and an animal lover. If you can message me, I'll let you have her Email address, and you can discuss, if you want.