Dog id card

Hi there,

i have a question for those of you have adopted a dog. I signed the adoption papers but have not yet received his identity card/papers saying he is ours. What can I do?

Thank you!

Oh thanks, just saw this. Haven’t been here much.

I have received the adoption papers but not the id cards.I do have the passport and carnet de santé.

I am new to this site, so I am not sure where you are at with the transfer of ownership. How long has the ID card been with the SCC? Was the correct fee sent with the ID card?

My wife and I are professional kennel owners in South West France, so have a lot of experience of the SCC, and the time it takes to do things.

See us at and we are always happy to help with doggy issues.

Alan Andrews

I know. I need to call again.

Trouble is Shelby, what happens if he is lost? I would still persevere, even it it meant visiting them every month and sitting in the office until I got what I wanted, but then I’m known for being a bit stubborn like that!

He has a tattoo.

Sorry so late in responding! I’ve given up. I don’t think I’ll ever get that.

Hi Shelby How is it going? Are you having any luck yet? G.

I believe, if it is the same as with cats, any registered animal protection agency can also be given details of an animals identification/owner to enable them to find and reutn the animal to its rightful place.
I am not sure that this is the problem here as Shelby’s dog appears to still be registered tothe refuge she adopted it from.

just your vet can check who it’s registered to

Hi there

was it a tattoo card or an electronic puce card?
the tattoo card takes ages as it is the Société centrale canine, but the electronic puce cards are quicker

good luck
Tania Lambert
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I will call. Thank you!

I have his tattoo number. Thank you for your kind help!


you can call the Société central canine - give your animal's tatoo number and they can check if It is your name on it - the SPA and such are not very fast for the administrative papers also they wait a while in case you return the animal


Hi Shelby Sorry It took so long . Here is the address of theSAS Joint CSC which deals with documentation certificates for dogs. Think it is France's version of the Kennel Club ( I am sure someone will have better info about this than me.) but it is a good place to start.

G. Good Luck

Do you know the chip no. ???????

HI Shelby. There is a site and phone nos that you can connect on the internet and/or phone give me till tomorrow I have a full schedule today and I will get hold of the site address and phone numbers for you. G.

Oh I have contacted the association many times. We adopted Thaé in Sept 09!!

HI Shelby, I had the same problem with Jane - even with a friend on the case. I eventually emailed SPA at Carcassonne and they replied saying they are just volunteers so could not give me a clue as to what was happening BUT miraculously I received ( or rather Sue received the change to her name ) and promptly got it changed to me.

I am meticulous with regard to paperwork, as I know lots of English etc adopt animals and don't get the paperwork in order ( God know French beauocracy takes long enough under any sort of circumstances ), then when they want to return to England can't take the animals back with them. I would rather do loads of paperwork and harass for my legal title than have to leave my dogs. So have another go at the place where you got them from. They may just think you are not interested in making sure you have title to the dog.

G . et Bonne Chance.

Hi Shelby,
Presuming it says in your adoption contract that the dog will be signed over to you? Some french associations don’t do this, preferring to keep the dog registered to themselves, I never understand this, our policy is to keep the cat under the name of Chat du Quercy for 3/4 weeks, just until we feel everything is going well and we are happy with th placement.
In any case, contact the organisation that you adopted your dog from and ask them the reason. depending on the time lapse, it may also be the french “Fichier National” taking their time but we have found that we receive ID papers within days rather than weeks.
Best wishes