Dog insurance in France


Having just read my UK dog ins' policy I'm fairly sure theres no cover unless I'm having a "short" stay in France. By that I believe they mean a holiday circa 2 weeks up to 3 times a year. We will be there for up to 6 months so existing policy probably no good(?).

Can anyone advise me what the norm is for dog insurance in France please? I understand that vets bills are generally less - is this the case?

Many thanks


Ha, a committee - that's so democratic. And I bet you're chairman. Yes, I'm on FB. I'm going to go see if I can find you ...


You're'll definitely be a boy and we hope to get a quite white boy again...and there's a name list, which I shall take along to the next 'committee meeting' in the UK and we shall agree maybe to disagree, no, I think we'll be in agreement...Valerie are you on FB? As I add photos on there as things happen... :)

The timing sounds absolutely perfect for you to have a Buster running around. And as you say he (she) will be a great companion/comfort for you when the OH is off working. Ooh I'm excited for you now - let me know when you find you best bud. And of course I want photos.

Yes, indeed oh dear, but Valerie it show huge compassion! We have just opened a small B&B and would never be able to do anything that you and yours have done, I think it's wonderful! Our Golden Retriever died back in 2003 and as by then we were over au pairs, both working fulltime, daughter at school, so a new pup or new animal would just not be neither fair nor possible! However, here I am, alone in la belle Provence and I need a companion, as hubby still works in London, and I/we have wanted a dog for sooo long, so now I'll have time for a dog again and sooo looking forward to it as is the rest of my little family - wonder if they'll let me/us return to Provence? :)

Hmm, I said that when we dragged (literally) Sasha out of the SPCA in Malta, then two weeks later took Binka the kitten home in a carrier bag after finding him mauled in the park (the vet said no hope, put him down). Then Chloe the cat was given to my then 5yo when he had a broken arm so couldn't really say no. Then Whisky the insane spitz from Poor Paws ... then Felix from France SPA. And then of course Hugo, the Ridgeback crossed with an ox dumped in a box at 3 weeks old.

So, yes, the famous "We'll have one dog" resulted in 3 dogs, 3 cats, lol. Oh dear.

Many thanks Valerie...well, food for thought, as we'll only have the one dog to start with...might get another later, but then no more... :)

Cover can actually differ hugely between insurers and some won't accept pets over 6 years old! It really is a case of getting multiple quotes and checking the small print - many don't reimburse 100%, some exclude certain conditions/medications etc etc. There doesn't seem to be much of a standard policy, Lis, so it involves a lot of homework BUT I would estimate (and it really is an estimate) a typical monthly premium is about €15 per animal. Some companies also won't insure more than 5 animals (I have six so it's a bit of Sophie's Choice).

Valerie - do you happen to know what it'll cost to have a pet insurance in France - ie not the dangerous dog etc)? At the moment the 450Euro is just over £350.00, so maybe not too bad, but still I would love to know what roughly an annual pet insurance cost is + what it covers? :)

Hi Adrian, I take it you're talking about medical insurance as opposed to specific cover (e.g. dangerous dog which is €150pa?). If you're to-ing and fro-ing between countries presumably all vaccinations will be up to date anyway so you won't have that expense here. Medical emergency-wise, although it was my cat it may give you a rough estimate, he contracted hepatitis (again) and had to be on a drip in intensive care at the surgery for 6 days. Including all meds and two follow-up checks it came to about €450, so roughly £420 I suppose. How does that compare to the UK? I've no idea - not been there for 10 years. The flea/tic tablets I give them (special combo from the vet's although of course there's Frontline etc) total about €30 x 3 dogs for a month's protection.

Hi Adrian - I looking through posts, and some of them quite old including yours...

Not sure if it's any help, but we know from friends here in Provence that they have never insured their dogs, as it was also very expensive!

We are planning to have a dog again at the end of the year, buying it in the UK, and most likely insure it in the UK, and if we need to come back to the UK, then we'll have to come back, unless it's a need to be seen here and now, then I guess we'll have to pay, as have our friends always done! Insurance in the UK is supposed to be a lot - seriously a lot cheaper than here!

Wished someone would tell me otherwise!