Dog insurance

Can anyone recommend a dog insurance company? Word of mouth much more trustworthy

Cheers Jilly

Can’t do better than the affiliate of this site:
Select AFFILIATES on the top banner and Insurance to contact @fabien

Ah ha, Fabien is looking after my health ins, lovely to know he does pets too. Thank you Graham.

I’m sure he will… if not he will advise you appropriately.
Not long to go now before you join us here I understand :wink:
@fabien should also be able to sort your Public Liability insurance too for your rental property.

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It seemed a million miles off but now everyday is tick tock, clock is ticking… cant wait to have down time and sleep for a month


Hopefully the dates now coincide to avoid the dreaded Brexshit day :crazy_face:

Oh yes……top of my list….leaving 27th…. It nearly didn’t happen due to one removal company throwing all their toys out the pram….

Why would you want dog insurance here? Civil liability for your dog(s) is covered by your house insurance here. And the health element is generally a waste of money, as so many exclusions and age limitations that you rarely get your money back.

I think its a legal requirement before entering the French Health system? As Jilly is going to be living here permanently, her EHIC will not be valid and who knows what sort of Brexshit will occur on the 31st October?

For your dog? Didn’t know there was a doggy equivalent of CPAM…


Ooops. Thought you were referring to Jill’s health element :blush:
I’m sure @fabien will advise her appropriately. He’s not given to ripping people off in my personal experience.

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Not really much of pet health insurance culture here - well not like pet insurance in the UK. Vets fees much more reasonable.


Most vets have insurance company leaflets in their waiting rooms though. I seem to remember you can insure any dog or cat as long as it is under 7 and lots of other conditions, from a fairly cursory look (I was more interested in the video about lungworm).

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I always kept up the uk kennel club insurance in a puppy’s first year but then after that just made sure I had a “contingency fund” should they need emergency treatment…

I totally agree that veterinary charges are much more reasonable here…


Both of mine are well over 7 years old now…fecal tests are available so it’s only necessary to treat if any description of worms are present thereby avoiding unnecessary treatment…

Panacur treats lungworm if found to be present…

I’ve not had to treat mine with any chemical wormers or flea and tick treatment since being here…

“health element is generally a waste of money”

That hasn’t been our experience Jane, and in fact I think it’s vital.

I’ve never not insured my animals which ever country I have lived in. Until I’m settle and organized I wouldn’t dream of not insuring them. So I’ll see what transpires when I get into the swing of French life.

For your dogs? Our dog, who is now nearly at the age when he would be uninsurable, has cost us less in eligible vets bills than the premiums would have been.

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Lucky you Jane, retrospect and all that. What if it had many issues as our dog did, including very expensive skin problems. Unless you’re willing to euthanise the dog if it has a serious illness then there is a financial risk that pet insurance covers at a reasonable cost. Us grownups might accept topping Lassie but if there are kids in the family a “pragmatic” approach is a bit difficult.

Of course if that’s your preference then there is no argument.

But things do work slightly differently here, so do look into it closely before you decide unless you have breeds of dogs that are known to have health problems. Look at the costs of vet services locally as they can vary a lot. Then examine the exclusions carefully, the rate at which you will be reimbursed as some pay less than 50% of each bill, and the annual ceiling. And do bear in mind that you will not be paying for civil liability (ie if your dog causes an accident) as that is part of your house insurance. It does seem to me that the budget insurance - say approx 100€/year - really doesn’t get you much. And the top range cover of maybe 800€ is rarely recouped - our dog’s vet bills have never been more than 250€/year.