Dog insurance

Of course I would never euthanise a dog rather than pay a vet bill! I would find the money somehow.

However insurance companies exist to make a profit, so the odds are stacked against you. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but the couple of expensive years have been hugely outweighed by normal years.

None of my animals has had lungworm, the video is on a loop in the vets’ waiting room, so while you wait that and the insurance docs are pretty well all you have to look at.
My lab/pointer cross died aged 16 and a half 3 years ago.

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My daughter had a cat, a lovely, friendly cat, which as a rescue cat she couldn’t get PetPlan for. When was coming up to her med finals (my daughter, not the cat) it got sick. Now, the last thing I wanted was my daughter stressing about her cat at the culmination of five years studies so I paid for the fix. Two grand, nick or neigh.

I had Border Collies before I ever had children John…I have never accepted “topping” them no matter how old I or they get…I have however looked into why our canine or feline friends start to suffer from “expensive” skin conditions (1 distressing symptom amongst many) and have never come across any skin conditions that can’t be rectified by a species appropriate raw diet and the discontinuation of chemical wormers and flea and tick treatments…

I do however admit that there comes a time when our four legged friends let us know that they’ve had enough and in those circumstances I try to ensure that their transition to the next world is as peaceful as possible for all of us…

It’s never easy…there have been several situations and one in particular where I have agonised over whether I did the right thing…

Sending out hugs to everyone who still misses a four legged companion…:heart:


I’m sure you did the right thing Helen. Let’s not go overboard, a pet is a pet, no matter how much loved and a human is a human. Topping Granny would have had much more serious repercussions. The only point I have made is that given the expense of pet care today, if one doesn’t want to face considerable financial and/or emotional stress should one’s pet become ill, it is prudent to have pet health insurance. That’s just obvious to me.

There never was an argument.!!!..just asking for recommendations as Survive France has been a great source of “hitting the ground running” for just that.


Hi everyone, to be fair most pet insurance aren’t really relevant in France (too expensive, too many exclusions and age limitations, etc.). The only one that is relevant is one made by some vets themselves and called “Bulle bleu”. I’m not working with them as I don’t do enough volume on that kind of policy but they are the best as their premium are competitive and they cannot kick you out when the dog/cat becomes too old.


Thanks! Great and non-partisan advice as always!


Ditto Catherine, Ditto.

Bulle Bleue: prepared by vets so inexpensive and relevant.

Several levels of cover and payouts swift.

03 62 533 533

:ok_hand: I have been in touch. Thank you for your confirmation of this company.