Dog kennels in the Tarn 81 or Haute Garonne 31

Hi all,

Looking for a dog boarding kennels near to us in Revel… anythhign exist within an hour of us?

merci, Teresa

Hi Teresa - no problem and I'm really glad I could help - they are brilliant. My two are going in on Monday for the night and are always happy to go. They are great there at understanding each dog's individual needs and if there's a chance your boy could get a bit funny with other dogs they'll keep their eye on him and make sure nothing negative happens. Let me know how you get on! Hope it solves your problem!

Frances! what an angel you are - it looks great and it's oh, about 10 minutes from me... in fact i think half recognise the guy. I've emailed them and i'm going to nip over and have alook and a chat next week. My boy is happy in kennels and adores people but he's also up for a good fight with other dogs if at all possible...

Hi Teresa,

I'm based about 15 minutes from Revel and use the pension at Mont du Rossignol de Puylaurens for my two dogs. It is fantastic for one night, weekends or more long-term needs. It is always clean and well organised up there (even though they are very busy) and the husband and wife team that run it are real dog lovers and lovely people. Here is their website: and the phone number is: 05 63 75 70 65. Can't recommend them highly enough!


I’m looking for the same in or around Gaillac if anyone has any suggestions

Hi Teresa
You could try Mme Escande, just above Rigatou outside Mazamet
Her number is 0563610532


Take a look at and, if you like what you see, call Julie on 0642 198 594 for full details. We’re near Quillan so about 90 minutes from Revel.

Kind regards

Julie and John