Dog Rescue - urgent Dept 81 near Castres

Home urgently needed. Dept Tarn
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The owner of this lovely 8 month old but deaf dog has agreed to let us find her a home. The owner is a paranoid schizophrenic who cannot control his condition and refuses medication. In moments of lucidity he recognises the problem; when his condition deteriorates he becomes violent and has been seen beating this poor thing.

If you wish to adopt, know anyone who can help please or want further details please get in touch

This morning the dog was seen being thrown out of the front door against a wall and seemed to lose consciousness. By the time the witness got to her front door the dog was no longer there and she heard the owner screaming at it indoors.....she was too frightened to confront the owner who (having been on the receiving end) I can assure is very very intimidating when he has a 'crise'

This is heartbreaking and I cannot take this dog in - my house is crammed with animals and the financial burden is already too much

A adopter en urgence
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URGENT!!! Petit chienne adorable à adopter en URGENCE!!! Elle est toute blanche et à bientôt 8 mois! Elle a besoin de beaucoup d'amour et d'attention car elle est sourde! Elle doit trouver un foyer aimant d'ici la fin de la semaine.
Elle se trouve dans le département du tarn (81)
Merci d'avance pour votre aide!!!!

That is excellent sarah, and sorry for missing the photo earlier! We hope this poor dog is em'bark'ing (sorry!!) on a happy safe future with a loving family, and perhaps the previous owner can accept some help.

Thanks to Lynn for giving us the link to Savoir Donner

Snow is in the car on his way to the assoc who have a well maintained refuge, never put an animal down and treat all their animals as if they are their own

Good News!

Hi Lynn (and others!)

The photo is attached under the post (title is dedes dog.jpg)

She is called Snow but is not identified nor vaccinated as her owner lives off RSA and has no money to spare

She is bouncy and energetic but we believe she is deaf - not sure if this is genetic or as a result of being punched/kicked. She is very very affectionate

She is under nourished......owner feeds her when he has money otherwise they roam the streets at night and eat from bins. Several people give the owner food but if he is in crisis he is too aggressive to approach and has scared off many donors

She is (we believe) a labrador/greyhound type mix (she is the size of a young lab). The mother is released at night so she can feed from bins and fell pregnant 'by accident'. I had offered a cost price sterilisation but the owner refused by saying he was against the idea but would never let the mother out of his sight when she is on heat......

The owner is happy to let her go when he is 'calm'; when he is having a crisis it is impossible to understand him and he is extremely aggressive. So on the one hand we have his agreement but on the other hand no one can predict how he will react if he is not well

I have just learned that after yesterday's attack neighbours called the Mairie and the local SPA;the latter are going to investigate

Obviously it would be great to re home rather than see Snow go to the dog pound


I realise the desperate need to rescue this dog, but is the owner in agreement that you can take it??

Can you give us more details, is it neutered, microchipped etc and what kind of dog, size etc and what is it's temperament, a photo would be great.