Dog sitters?

I have a real problem, we are due to go to England on the 12th for a week, and my house/dog sitters have had to back out at the last minute!!! Does anyone know anyone who might like a week in the Dordogne?????With some wonderful animals!!!Full fridge and wine included! This is a visit for my birthday(It is a big one!) and my sisters birthday and my mum's! Mum will be 91 and my ister has terminal cancer and it could be her imperative we go!!!!!Au secours!

Oh you are all so fantastic! This is really the place to come with a problem! We have found that OH sister was just aiting for us to ask.....!!!!thank you all.

Hello, I'm already in the dordogne (périgueux) and might be able to help out... Dog lover with my own very sociable lab (female) pm me for more details (mine and yours)