Dog training

Hi, is there anyone out there in the Creuse region who knows of any dog training classes anywhere? I’m in the Aubusson area but wouldn’t mind travelling further afield…

Thanks I’ll try the vet when I go.
All the other I’m already doing! Will probably just take time, but a group might be fun, and a way to meet like minded people in the area!

Ah - selective deafness - even Cagney gets that sometimes. Yes, try vet or SPA and hope you have luck!
I spose in the meantime you could try him on a long lead and give it a gentle yank and a stern voice if he doesn’t respond and big pats and praise if he does.

A bit of everything I guess…mainly recall. Once he has his nose to the ground he hears nothing!! He’s obviously had some training (he’s a rescue dog, no known facts) but maybe his recall is why he became a stray in the first place!!! It would be good/fun socially for him and me too

Don’t know of any offhand (we’re in Bosmoreau les Mines and our dog is past training) but poss worth trying either a local vet or the SPA (think they have a branch in Gueret)? What sort of training does your dog need? Lynn (Stone) may be able to help with some hints and tips!