Doggie passports

Arrived back in UK with 4 dogs - 3 of which had never left France before and anticipated all sorts of horrors with the new passport regulations! Apart from having to scan the dogs ourselves in the driving wind and rain, it all went without a hitch - I can't believe it!!!!

Hello, My Yorkshire Terrier is 9 this month. I have regularly travelled to UK, from France with him, for his whole life. It has always been entirely straightforward. Never a problem. The only anixious time I had was when I was leaving Dover after we had left the boat. I was stopped by an official who asked about the Dog. I gave him Ted's Passport and he scrutinised the whole thing, very, very carefully. After around 10 mins (I know that is not long but I was, by then, thinking Oh No, the paperwork is wrong and I am going to have to go back to France, he will NOT be seized, I will NOT allow them to take him etc. etc. etc.). Although panicking inside, I remained cool and asked "Is there a problem?". Oh no he said, handing me back Ted's passport, I am from DEFRA and we are just checking that the Ferry Companies are complying with the rules. I embarassed myself with gushing thanks and went on my way, immediately taking down the "animal on board" notice from the mirror. In retrospect, I think it was very good that these things are checked though.

Superb - finally a change to regulations that didn't seem to falter before it had even begun. And reassuring to know if I have to pop across suddenly to see mum - the cats could probably be 'babysat' for a couple of days but the dog would panic and pine.

We had no problems either - as long as Rabies is up to date and not allowed to lapse, , the worming and flea treatment is done, We were less than 5 mins in the reception centre at the tunnel.

They put the chip in a different place in France to UK was that the problem, my vet here warned me it may be a problem!