Doggy playdate

Anyone in North Lot et Garonne or South Dordogne with a puppy/small friendly dog? We have a 6 month old small dog (about 5kg) that hasn’t had any interaction with other dogs due to lockdown etc. Looking to walk (with safe protocols) to try to get him used to other dogs whilst he still relatively young.

Our local dog club has been open on and off since June. Have a look to see if one near you as great for dog sociability. Great idea to do it now, as makes so much difference.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried a local canine club first but unfortunately they are not open at the moment. We’ve booked him in to a kennel for a day as a last resort - not ideal but all we could think of whilst thing are closed.

I think this reflects quite badly on me but I read the subject of this thread as Dogging playdate (which is entirely different) - I would imagine that even the dogging scene is suffering somewhat in the current covid curfew!


I did raise an eye brow too. 🥸

Kennels is a good thought. We sent ours off to one at 6 months, which was harder for us than him. He now looks at it as a second home and adores the owner.

I think you might have to accost people locally. We have actually got to know people via our dog, and walk regularly with two other dogs from the village (and their humans). Or does your local jardival/gamm vert/ place that sells dog stuff have a notice board? Or phone an éducatrice who might know of other young dogs in the area?