Dogs die in cars!

Three weeks ago, eyebrows were raised when UK chief vet Nigel Gibbens, the RSPCA and the BVA joined forces to seemingly state the obvious.

Surely the UK didn’t need yet another warning about the impact of hot weather on pets - and specifically the central theme “dogs die in hot cars”? How wrong we were.

We(Chats du Quercy) were shocked and saddened to hear of the deaths of two dogs in a car in the UK, on the first day this summer the mercury rose north of 30 degrees. We were completely dumbfounded that the two dogs perished in a police car parked outside a Met training centre.

It seems you can’t state the obvious enough after all. Let’s hope the message FINALLY hits home - and these are the last dogs to die in such horrendous circumstances this summer.

We can but hope.

Great Link. thanks Catharine. Gina x

Heres’ a link to the campaign

That is so sad, I hate to hear of any animal suffering, but you would think that people in authority, especially handling dogs would have known much, much better.

I guess here we are all very aware of how hot it can get in cars. Shame this particular police station did not !!! G.