Dogs Dogs Dogs Christmas Special Photos

Hiya All.. Just in from the garden, mega pruning of trees - dogs outside with us. We are all exhausted but can see the sky again. Jim and the 2 dogs are asleep and I will probably join them in a minute.

But here is the first Christmassy Pic that I have found :-

Heheheh It’s my Hero HAMISH …G.

This is of Guinness. Who hails from Montcuq, bumped into on the Randonnee celebrating Christmas.... G x

Ahhhhhhhhhh that's lovely. What an obedient little dog. Very Christmassy.... G.

Here's a Chrismassy Doggie picture taken in Aix

Happy Christmas to all dog lovers.....XF

Lovely pics!

Hiya All My friend Lynne and her 3 fabulous Setters, has sent me this Christmas Picture with the message " Merry Christmas to Everyone ". Aren't they great !!!! G x