Dogs in need of help

I run the Cat Charity, Chats du Quercy and we often hear of dogs in need too.

We have all enjoyed the photos of the dogs in their homes, over the Christmas period and in the snow but perhaps we can spare a thought for those not so fortunate?

Please take a look at

If you can help or pass the message to others, please do. This female dog is very gentil natured but not 'tested' with cats. She is in danger of being put to sleep because the refuge is overrun and needs the space!!

Hi Gina and Sandy, Made a few phone calls but no luck so far… will obviously keep trying. Keeping everything crossed. Jane

Hi Sandy Any update on this?? G.

Hi Sandy ,

due to your suggestion there is now a SF group - Pet Rescue!

Excellent idea so thanks for the suggestion, I hope more people join so we can help more and more of those animals in need.

Jane - lovely to see you here, keep an eye on the Pet Rescue page there maybe the right dog there for you when you are ready!

Hi Lynn, have just joined the group. Like Sandy, I have had GSD dogs in the past and absolutely adore them. We have lost both of ours now and unfortunately are not in a position at the moment to take on any more much as I would love to be surrounded by them! It breaks my heart when I hear about beautiful dogs such as the one in this link and I can only promise you that I will do everything in my power to help find her a home. Thank goodness there are people like you who care so much about animal welfare. You have my total support. Jane

Hi Sandy,

All we can do is pass the word around, apparently this is just one of 25 dogs that they are considering.

It is a terrible situation where space is the only consideration as to whether an animal has the right to live or die.