Dogs needing Homes

This is a place to put info for Dogs needing Homes. Anyone can use it, but might be a good idea to not leave too mu![](upload://znoIh4xJcwSwCTj492BcwuStrop.jpg)ch information about yourself you can do that using the friends facility on Survive France and then exchange personal information privately.

Gina xxxx

Ohh exciting this is what it is all about. Pass the word around....

Wonderful pic eh ?

beautiful female Pyrénéan Mountain Dog named ULLAL DU VAL DU
LAVEDAN. ULLAL was born on 20 September 2003. needs new home

FAB U LOUS... Jolly good news I am sure the lady and the dog got a good deal.... Gina xxx

Hi All If anyone is hesitating to home this dog because they need it to go somewhere when they are away I am quite happy to do that, if they live within 20kms of Montcuq.. Jim can't have any objections to me doing that. Gx

HI Everyone... this is really important..... remeber that little poodle 13 years old needed a home. She is all done regarding jabs etc, but she is scared and timid. I heard a story the other day about a man who wanted a dog. He was rather old and relished the thought of having a dog that was not going to outlive him. That dog and that man found each other. Ask around see if you know anyone ( sensible of course ) that would give this cute little dog a home.

Please God we find a home for her. Gina x

For full story read Julie Whittle comments on this discussion....

Hi Julie, Me too..... I was last night trying to persuade a friend to take her, been asking Jim if we could have her till she found a home. Gosh, what a relief, she certainly deserved better than cold nights on concrete at her age.Thanks so much for letting me know. Just off to get a hanky, wow what a relief..

Much love to all who thought about this little dog, guess all that thinking got a result.

Love to you and yours Julie.. Gina xxx

I always have had a bit inside me that wants to help the older dogs. They have as much to give. We adopted one Penny - Cross bred Sheltie when she was 9 years old and she lived to be 21 years old and was never a bit of trouble all her life.They really can be ideal for someone who wants a ready made dog as it were - Penny was for my children and she ticked all the boxes....

Please keep passing the word round, Jim says it is impossible for us to have another dog and I know that really he is right. But someone must want her. Such a cutie...... G.

Hi ALL PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LINK. This little poodle has been abandoned. She is 13 years old and in good health , she won't be for long if someone does not give her a home. Can anyone help? Gina .

Please pass it around. thanks Julie Whittle for bringing it to our attention. Please keep us posted.