Dogs needing homes

For dogs that need homes

La femelle berger allemand est déparasitée, vaccinée, stérilisée et identifiée (250268500431860). Elle rejoindra le week-end prochain sa famille d’accueil en Aveyron. Voici les informations la concernant.

Hello, Here are other dogs who are looking for a home. They are in a host family : we have to find a home for them to have some money for those which are threatened with death.All of them are, or will be nearly, identified, sterilized and all... The financial compensation is around 170 euro / dog.

- Brume, X retriever setter, one year old, very shy, rather in department 64 or around, will be identified soon :

- Lara, 18 month, X griffon (?) et pyrenean shepard, can be in a appartment, rather in department 64 or around, n° 250268500431874 :

- Foxy, hunting dog black and white, 12 months, very affectionate, n°250269201037033 :

- Wallas, 2 years (2008), 30 kg, pyrénées australes (!) shepard, very sociable,

- Tweeny, Tuléar shepard, 8 years (2002), needs company, n° 250269600005283 : (100 euro min.). He is softly limping

- Téquila, X shepard, white with a blue eye, 10 years, financial compensation decreased :

- Sanka, Rottweiler 26 months, n° 2026900213060, OK kids, cats and other dogs, ,

I will come again to add some other dogs. Thank's to pets rescue and to SFN ! Read you...

Please help save these dogs! Even if you can only offer a foster home...

First i want to thank Lynn for having relieved our SOS for a lot of dogs wich are in excess in a refuge (Hautes-Pyrénées). Here is the full list : all of them have to be taken for a while (host family) or for ever. All of them will be sterilized, inoculated and without fleas. Here are there photos : If you have any question, you can join the associations by mail ; And if you speak or read french as i write english, please join Lynn ! Thank you Lynn and thanks to you too for having the patience to read this !!!

I have been asked for any news about the german shepard dog in danger of being put to sleep along with 24 others. I don't have any news at the moment except that she is still awaiting adoption.

It is great to get updates but sometimes very time consuming, so please bear with us.

The group concerned with this dog and others has sent this to me

This is their own site and so updates should be posted here.

Many many thanks for your help with these poor, deserving animals!

I've reposted this thread here in case any of the newer members spot it!