Dogs needing loving new homes

After 16 long and sometimes arduous years in France, my son and I are returning to the UK. We will be renting and cannot take our dogs with us. I need to find loving homes for the dogs (seperately or together) before we move back in July/August, so I am not left in the situation of having to leave them at the SPA at the last minute, which would be heartbreaking. Lilou is a sweet labrador x collie 8yrs old female and Hairy is a miniature poodle 12yrs old who thinks he’s the boss of everything. They are chipped, vaccinated, neutered and have lived in a family home environment. If you know anyone who might be interested in adopting one or other of them please let me know. Or if you have any advice about finding them new homes and how to get the info out there (safely!) I would appreciate it. Thanks

I fully appreciate your problem @clm while welcoming you here, but it might be useful if you could give an approximate location. Also, how the dogs get on with other dogs.

Or cats or children.

We are in Faux, Dordogne.
Lilou 8yrs labrador x collie mix is sweet natured and gets on well with most dogs and cats, although she is nervous when being introduced to new faces. She has not been tested with young children, but is fine with older kids. She loves walks and having her tummy rubbed.
Hairy 12 yrs miniature poodle is more complicated. He gets on with female dogs and will tolerate cats (but likes to make sure they know he is the boss when living with them, so would be better in a cat-free household). He loves walks but can react aggressively when encountering dogs so needs to be walked on a leash. He is on medication for a heart murmur and hates being groomed. He guards his food and can behave jealously, so perhaps not the best around young children.

If things get desperate I would be able to help you with the Labrador, as a foster searching for a new family, which might well turn out to be me.

I have a small Lab X girl of 13 rescued from the SPA who loves absolutely all dogs, and an 8 year old Beauceron who is very active but likewise loves all dogs, though he seems to recognise their age and leave older ones to themselves.

My only hesitation is that I am still doing dog deliveries on a reduced scale (no nights away) due to the illness of my wife which means she now has to travel with me and already having the 2 dogs is making the planning a bit difficult. I try to take them with me if at all possible, but 3 would need 1, 2 or all 3 of them going into a pension for the day.

Let me know how you feel about that and keep us in touch as the critical time gets closer. :smiley:

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Thank you for your offer, David. I appreciate it, although it sounds like things are a little hectic at your end too. I am getting in touch with Phoenix and Hope on the off-chance that they might be able to help. I have tried a few forums and found the responses quite nasty at times, which has left me reeling a bit. People really don’t realise how difficult and emotional a decision it is to rehome your family pet!


You have my sympathy. I cannot imagine the circumstances under which I would give up any of the dogs we’ve had over the years. Good luck with finding something special - and ignore any nasty comment - it says more about the person making it than anything else and in fact has nothing to do with you or your dogs.