Doing taxes online... help!

(Chrissie Ott) #1

Has anybody been there, done that, and got a t-shirt they could lend me?

I have a total phobia about forms! Especially those of the tax variety. I have 3 to fill in:

2042 K
2042 CK

I toddled off to the tax office, just before the cut-off date, and, helped by a very nice man, got them filled in. I enquired about filing online (so I could keep the forms as file copies) and was told they looked exactly the same online. Phew, I thought… that gives me another fortnight to pluck up courage.

Tonight, I decided that I absolutely had to face the fear and get on with it.

Sorted out the registration bit with no problems and then disaster struck: MY forms are not listed online!

I’ll phone the office for advice tomorrow but wondered if anybody else had come a cropper, and how they solved it…

(Chrissie Ott) #2

Thanks Katie… another useful link. :slight_smile:

(Katie Osborne) #3

here is another link you may find helpful - will cost 5 eu but is in english and is quite comprehensive

(Chrissie Ott) #4

This was my first year for doing taxes online so I was looking for forms with the same reference numbers as the paper ones that arrived through the post.

In the end I called up the helpline number on the website and the operator explained that the K and CK suffixes only referred to paper versions; I just needed the 2042 and 2047. It was, as you said, plain sailing from then on.

(Katie Osborne) #5

who told you what forms to fill out - I have been doing my taxes on line fo 3 years and have found it excellent. I have never heard of forms ending with K

here is a link that might help you and help you download the most likely forms that you need

If you need help - then I can help with some of main rubiques - but I AM NOT AN ACCOUNTANT - and if you are really struggling would suggest you contact one…