Domestic use of well water

We are looking to move house, into town. I mention ‘town’ because we have seen a property, in town, that has no mains water, but uses water from their well.

There is a compressor and tank - in the basement - that run an airpump in the property’s well when any tap is opened.

If anyone has such an arrangement, or knows:

How is the drainage charge worked out? The house is on mains drainage, but of course, does not take mains water.

What other problems might there be: Sanitisation? Well running dry?

Finally, we are told, by the immobilier, that getting mains water laid on would cost between €1000 and 1 500. I am sure mains water runs past the house, so from the road/pavement is about 25m.

Anyone any experience, please?

I would be tempted to get a quote as this seems cheap to me.

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After 20years on Well in UK as no mains was available… I do know the ups and downs.

If Mains Water is passing the property you have seen, I would insist on Mains Water being connected.
I think it would be an idea to confirm just how much it will cost (not just take the Agent’s word for it) … and when/if it is indeed possible to get Mains Water… before signing anything re the Property…

You’ll need to check with the local Water Supplier… and possibly the Mairie…

best of luck…


Both. France is undergoing increasing issues with sécheresse meaning less accessible ground water levels. Now and for the future it is essential to have access to a more secure supply.

The immobilier, however pleasant, is primarily interested in making a sale for the seller. They are likely downplaying the water supply issue and underestimating the cost to connect to the mains supply. Find your own person to give a quote on what this will cost. Alternatively, suggest that a mains water connection would be a required condition of the purchase? Worth a try.


They are primarily interested in making a sale, for themselves


Oh @Mark, I didn’t like to say!

(I am also becoming wary about using emoji after they seem to be so popular with chatbots)

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