Dominic Cummings Bares his Chest

I came hear looking for words of wisdom on what Mr Cummings was doing today. But you’ve all gone quiet. Can anybody tell me what he’s up to? Seems very strange to me

He is weaselling his way out of taking any responsibility for having been paid a healthy salary to give professional advice, and blaming everything on Boris, Hancock and Gove.

I started listening an had to turn it off.

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Given the behaviours he is revealing to damn others, one wonders which behaviours he is concealing to protect himself.


I don’t think he’s baring his chest - rather another part of his anatomy, further down the torso.

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Isn’t Gove about the only person he hasn’t trashed?

A classic example of someone who came to “vider son sac”.

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I’m on Cummings’ side. He’s a smart cookie and he is the best weapon to get Boris gone.

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In any normal administration Cumming’s testimony about the Cummings and Go(v)ings (sorry) of cabinet debates about handling the pandemic would cause the collapse of the government.

It speaks volumes about where we have got to as a country that it will not.

Yes I want Johnson out of N° 10, but you have to ask yourself - who would Cummings have installed?


I liken Cummings to Rasputin or Robespierre, dangerous influencers who finally got their come-uppance.

I think you mean bares his soul Caroline (or maybe not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:).

Jane, Boris and Hancock have killed tens of thousands of people, should then not be held to account? I don’t care who the whistleblower is, once the whistle is blown.

Gets it off his chest while baring his soul Or beats his chest?

I think more sticks the knife in Caroline, and good luck to him :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully he has a whole cutlery drawer full of knives :wink: