Don’t forget us!

Don’t forget us!

The advantages of adopting an older cat

Cats are living longer due to better living standards and advancements in veterinary care; the average lifespan of a cat is thought to be 16 years, however, they can live into their twenties. Unfortunately older cats are more difficult to rehome, so by offering one of our senior residents a loving new home; you will be making a personal contribution to animal welfare. Please take a look at all of our older cats currently looking for homes, and we have decided to greatly reduce our adoption fees for these very special cases.

What to expect

You should expect an older cat to require less supervision than a young cat, their energy levels are much lower and they already have experience of home life. Individual cats in the older stages of life will all have their own personality, but in general, they tend to be more homely and relaxed. When you adopt an older cat from Chats du Quercy, we should be able to give you information on its character, so you are aware of what type of cat you are taking on. They are often still be playful and young at heart.

Older cats can be a real pleasure to care for. They can make wonderful companions who really enjoy their home comforts. You won't need to worry about them using your curtains as a climbing frame or training them to use the litter tray! They tend to enjoy company more than a younger cat and are more affectionate.

Kittens can be destructive and demanding – a bit like children! So an older cat may be better for owners who are out working, are elderly or have families with young children. And don’t forget that cats can live for 20 years or more, so think about where you’ll be in two decades time when you’re deciding whether a kitten is the right choice you.

Adopt an older cat and find out why mature moggies can make such fabulous pets and meet some who really deserve a lap of their own to curl up in…

Chats du Quercy have quite a few older moggies at the moment, they are all in good health and very very cuddly. They are all tested negative for feline viruses FIV/FeLV, sterilised, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Here are just a couple of their photos, have a look on www.chatsduquercy for more!