Donald Trump and the Premier League

I wonder if any Premier League managers are scratching their chins this morning and thinking, what a great idea.

When we are 1-nil up at half time, how about threatening the ref with legal action if he doesn’t blow for full time.

:roll_eyes: :laughing:


I can think of one red faced manager, now retired, who might fit the bill :rofl:

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Astonishing, isn’t it.
I thought this sort of thing only happened in banana republics like Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.


How long Ferrgie time do you give an election

I bet they do grow bananas in Florida, at least. :wink: :laughing:


You read my mind David :smiley:

Wont matter how much time they get Eddie. Its still a draw :grinning:

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Cincinnati Bengals Announce That They Have Won Super Bowl


A Cincinnati Bengals football player runs over the finish line with his hands outstretched joyously

The team argued that no touchdowns, extra points, field goals, or safeties scored after their announcement should count.
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