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May be the guy deserves a break ?

No, he doesn’t.


Ha ha !

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There should have been a ‘maybe’ category… ?

There is a possibility that if he is elected as president that he may not be a disaster…The civil servants and the Repulican advisors would be running around like headless chickens, trying to explain why he couldn’t just ‘nuke’ Asad (although I for one wouldn’t block a remote controlled explosion or SAS type intervention, where he is concerned)…so that would dampen down some of his activity - although the advisors etc would probably be in the queue to leave to find work of a less ‘stressful’ nature.
Don’t forget he likes to be popular with all those disaffected Americans who ditched the politicians to vote for him so he is likely to try to do things that would please them and keep them on board, like raising the Tax thresholds, making it easier for businesses to hire by lowering business rates or having a couple of years moratorium on them for business starting up…Despite his bankruptcies, he his still very much in business and he knows how to make money…
Can one say the same about Hillary ?

You can build your own poll @Hilary_Jane_Dunk using the gear icon :slight_smile: Have fun!

He should stick to doing what he does best, making money, filing under chapter 11 and being a twat. No need to go global by adding being POTUS to the mix.

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Now don’t be so hard-hearted…he just wants to make America great again…and for those of you, dear readers, didn’t quite understand it,like me - and had to look it up…

Now you’ve got to be taking the piss?!


Take a look at these links…One doesn’t have to view them all the way through to get the main message and the general flavour…

and someone who is sure he will win…

and someone who used to be a friend of Hillary…

You ARE joking, HJD, aren’t you?

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Initially, i thought I was…
but oddly, I am now talking (in my head, of course I haven’t yet reached the point of wandering about muttering to myself, although I am sure that day will come, if I live long enough !), myself out of Hilary and more towards the trump camp…
I wonder how many of you watched "Question Time’ on the Beeb last night…Conrad Black (infamous newspaper magnate & short-term ex-con…“it’s a stitch-up”, but came across as likeable) V or avec les autres…Ken Clarke of the “Hush Puppies”… a rather large young lady from UKIP, Stavros …?

Here we are…*David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Hartlepool. On the Panel are Conservative Ken Clarke, Labour’s Angela Rayner, UKIP’s Lisa Duffy, Yanis Varoufakis and Conrad Black

Well worth watching…an intertwined mixture of US & European politics…
Conrad, pro Trump…says both he and Hillary are “nice people”…but it’s Trump he would back…Ken Clarke (glad he’s retiring soon) still a remainer, annoyed the audience…Yanis V. an attractive man and obviously bright.but surprisingly, considering he’s Greek, is another remainer…(reveals he thinks that too) as he admitted that he doesn’t rate the intellectual capabilities of the current government team to be able to sort things out well. …
One or two audience members with dual nationality had something positive to say about Trump, hinting that what we know about her is just the ‘tip of the iceburg’ and it’s far more sinister…

Watched Graham Norton with Tom Cruise…publicising the next Jack Reacher film…
.Brave (doing all his own stunts), still looking as you as ever (helps to be that rich, of course) was charming. affable, has a sense of humour and is ‘down with us ordinaries’….Maybe America has missed a trick here…? Has anyone offered him the job ? Wouldn’t he be a popular choice ?..
(him or Travolta for that matter)…and he’s a man of the Church…

When I see the passion with which some people enthuse about Brexit and Trump I’m so glad that I am me and have a different outlook on life.


I haven’t seen much ‘passion’ for either of them…It seems to be a vote for the lesser of 2 evils to my mind.
What a sad state of affairs …there are also I believe other candidates who don’t have a hope of winning, so I wonder whether there could be a large ‘protest’ vote ?

Just noticed your new look Veronique…dramatically different…!