Donkey looking for a permanent next home

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine in the south west has a donkey in need of a permanent home. her usband just died and she will move back to Australia.

The donkey is very sweet natured, 10 years old and not castrated!

If you have any ideas of donket friendly folk, re-homing organisations or would just like to have him join your family, call me on 06 59 74 75 57 or post info here.

I am guessing my friend would be happy to cover transport costs.

If I didn't live in a city, I would take him myself!

Thanks for any assistance.

Yes, that's true - a couple of neighbours have been keeping their horses in the same paddocks. Thanks!

Thanks Sandy - friend accepted and looking forward to your message. He is located in the Lot region.

Donkeys should not be kept on their own. As this is an entire, I would suggest that it is not ideal for a newcomer.