Don't Believe Everything you Read in the Newspaper

Some of you may have read in a Newspaper that there has been a Victory for British Ex-Pats pensioners wishing to have pre-planned treatment in the UK via the form S1, for treatment they cannot find in France.

The EU Commission has agreed to take my case to the french authorities as they believe them to be in breach of EU Regulations. The french authorities have been given 10 weeks to reply and any judgement will only apply to my case.

There are ongoing talks between the Department of Health and the French authorities to establish a final decision in this matter.

I believed that I had made this quite clear to the reporter and there was no intimation to me that there would be an article so soon, as everyoneI was waiting for the decision from the Commission.

For there to be a universal ruling which will apply to all British ex-pat pensioners seeking pre-planned treatment in the UK and which they cannot find in France, we must await the outcome of the discussions between the D o H and the french authorities, although, no doubt, they will then take into consideration my case.

I hope this does not lead anybody who may need treatment in the UK to think that they will receive a positive outcome from the french authorities at this time.

Sorry folks, you need the form S2 to have the prep landed treatment in UK. The form S1 is for pensioners to joi. The french healthcare system.
My mistake.