Don't let kittens have kittens

Chats du Quercy have been given the transcript of the Cat's protection video - "Don' let kittens have kittens", they have kindly allowed us to translate it into french.

If you'd like a copy, please contact us through

Here is the link once again -

Lien -

Last week we caught a young female cat that had been dumped at our Rescue centre a few weeks back but that was so terrified at her experience that she would not come near except at nightime. She is roughly 5 months old and was very pregnant. As she'd been trying to fend for herself during this time, and not doing too well at it, she was also very thin and in no fit state to look after herself, let alone kittens!

Please pass the word about early age sterilisation to everyone you know, next visit to your vets, mention it to them too. Chats du Quercy have written advice sheets that you can print out or email, in french and english, just ask - email

as it is 'that' time of year again, just boosting this post

She looks very much at home now Lauren, and a lovely girl.

Enjoyed and was fascinated by the video...a kitten adopted us about a month ago and after already passing eye surgery the next day (3rd eye lid was ripped)...I decided to take her for her neutering(clipping)...that was yesterday and today she is already back to normal and she was vaccinated...the film put me more at ease than the vet here in France, but he was good, I almost said that's not how they do it in Eng. ![](upload://kvmrpfXtiDXqmP77sysqb7L05Vz.JPG)I hope that we have a long life together, she has really wakened up the household of 3 cats...12, 13, & had also said that a kitten would be accepted easier than an older is working out, but it takes here's Lily Marlene (aprox 8mons).

And I posted the video link, yesterday evening, on my UK forum because one of the members is having problems with a stroppy 'teenage' kitten! I'm hoping she will now take little Smudge to the vet for his op before his 6 months are up... and he impregnates any queens!!