Don't mix up your A roads with your N Roads!

We flew out of London City last week for the first time, boy was that an experience. The runway is really short & they have to climb really quickly to get over the Canary Wharf skyscrapers so with his brakes released we shot off & up like a rocket whilst my hubby laughed at my reaction as I gripped the seat arms (it wasn’t his first flight out of city!)

After what seemed like climbing to the moon we finally levelled out and was surprised to be offered a sandwich (I thought those days had gone & if I’d known would have saved 8.50 for a poxy wrap from the airport!).

Our kids were really well behaved (perfect in fact & yes I was smug especially when the couple sat next to us congratulated us on how good they were). By contrast the woman behind us who for 5 mins after boarding had no idea if hers were still on the plane or had run across the runway - 1 year old was hiking half way down the aisle whilst she fiddled with her hand baggage & 6 year old had sat herself in the club section completely out of sight of the mother and to the confusion of the cabin crew who had no idea who the random child was.
No wonder some people hate travelling with kids on planes.

On arrival at Avignon (cute airport by the way) we picked up our car & I tried to guide us to the A9. I was supposed to take the N7 towards Avignon but obsessed with needing to get on the motorway I took us on the A7 and we headed towards Lyon. Realising my mistake we did a U turn at the next exit & an hour after we’d left the airport we ended up back at the airport. We took the correct exit & got a whole 300 metres on the N7 when our 2 year old said I have sore tummy and promptly was sick all over the back of the car.

I love travelling with kids!

After spending another half an hour cleaning her up, we set off again. The journey was surprisingly quick & we found the A9 within 20mins from Airport and within less than 2 hours we were home. Another great option for flying South of England to South of France if you can cope with the rocket take off. I’m dreading the return landing…

And the N roads are now very often D roads which makes life even more confusing. You’re driving down something called the D809 which according to your only slightly-out-of-date map should be the N9 and may well suddenly switch back to being called that. Makes travel interesting, I suppose. Used one of the computer-generated map services the other day to get an idea of the route from home to a tiny village not far from Carcassonne and it informed me there were two roundabouts in the middle of the A75 motorway.

I’m pleased to report we did have jet engines from City to Avignon. Best seats by the way are at the back 3 right hand side rows, only 2 together and bigger.

My eldest, Tom flew from City Airport to Nantes when he was 14 without a hitch. My sister in law put him on the flight and was horrified to find out later that it was a prop plane! Excellent service and Tom says worth paying extra - not that he was paying :slight_smile:

And they will take teenagers so ours can fly solo to see my parents - result!

It is great airport though, James is right very efficient. We were early (announced without the silly Ryanair style tune). There wasn’t a SINGLE person queuing to go through security and that was a Friday evening flight!
@ Catharine, yes it astounded us too!

We’re booked to go back to Uk with CityJet in October for my sons wedding. Thanks Suzanne, I think my chances of getting Neil on the flight have just decreased substantially!! Am actually quite looking forward to 22kg hold luggage and 12 kg hand luggage and ‘inflight snacks’ included in ticket cost!!I’ve definitely got ryanairitus. Mind you, will probably result in bad backs and hernias all round. as the down side is getting to and then, on a train to Colchester to meet up with the family. It’ll be FINE!!

8.50 for a wrap…OMG!!! I think I’ve been in rural France too long - totally out of touch!