Doors, entrances, openings, gateways, interesting colours and textures, where do they lead, what’s behind them - the secrets they are hiding. Sandy persuades me to take pics of them-just nosy I guess!

Door art

At the Marciac jazz festival where pople let out their homes for two weeks in the yown to used as art galleries.

Spanish doors and a view through a window.

Doorway at a vineyard.

Obviously designed by a man. As any woman wearing trousers or a long full skirt knows visiting the ‘hole in the ground’ loos… is a challenge. I actually heard a small French girl crying because she wanted ‘une toilette normale’ the queue for the disabled loo was growing as we left. Extraordinary that these still being built. I’m always up for a challenge but the one I used was also flushing randomly which caused me to giggle and almost lose my balance. Anyone know why they are still installed in public ares? Are they considered more hygieni? Less likely to blockages?

Like the new modern Franch toilet. We travelled up the new A65 peage where they have installed the squat type of loo.

Nope, a Piscean. I like knockers and letter boxes as well!

So it is a Gemini thing, is it? Nice idea. Please consider some random contributions…