Double-decker London bus research

Hello, does anyone know of any original London buses in operating in France (either as passenger transport or for catering/events)?

Thanks in advance

A few years ago, I passed a"D" reg. Routemaster (I think) chugging slowly up a hill just outside a village near Carcassonne…
I assumed it was privately owned as there weren’t any passengers as far as I could see…
There was no sign of Cliff & his cohorts either.
Also, there was a similar vehicle operating as a restaurant on the way to Toulouse. I passed it several times on one of many tortuous excursions to Ikea.

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They are called imperiales in French, and google is your friend

I know the one on the route to Toulouse. Hubby used to go the respiratory rehab centre in St Orens de Gameville and I would visit him every other day for the 3 weeks he was there so passed it many times. The last time was about 6 years ago so good to know it’s still there.

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Thankfully, I’ve not been by there for a while…but I imagine it won’t have moved.

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