Double passport?

Hi all, turning to you today on behalf of my (British) husband. He's been working for the same (French) employer for 8 years and travelling the world extensively, using his British passport and ocasionnally, his carte de séjour (now past its sell-by date and useless anyway). He is changing jobs and will soon start with another French employer, for whom he will also be travelling a lot but in Europe mostly. The new employer has asked him to get hold of a second passport because apparently, Russia, which is going to be one of his main markets, tends to keep passports for a while and it may be that he needs to go to another country before he has been given the passport back.

Well, I don't know about you but I think that trying to get hold of a second passport is fraud isn't it? Would anybody know what other type of ID he could get hold of, bearing in mind he is English-born but living in France, and that some of the countries he will be travelling to will be outside Europe (some Scandinavian ones are, can't remember which ones, and will be part of his regular route). Anyway, we are a bit stuck here, and seeing he is away again, I am being the messenger...

Anybody could help? Thanks!!

Having a 2nd UK passport is perfectly legal - I have two. You'll need a covering letter from your company explaining that you require one due to regular overseas travel as part of your business explaining the delay caused whilst one passport is away getting a visa. Otherwise it's just the extra cost to bear.

Ah that's not too bad! Thanks, will certainly look into it!

Hi Marina,

Yes, we live in Chagny and up until the beginning of April I worked in Vougeot! i seem to think that the carte was free but when my husband lost his he had to pay a small amount to have it replaced -about 17 euros or something. Certainly less than replacing a British passport from the consulate though!

Thanks Tracy, it's certainly worth knowing. Are they still paying? (I'd be surprised if they weren't!).
You are near Chagny aren't you :)?? My husband works in Mercurey. Worked, I should say, he's gonna go up to Nuits Saint Georges now...

thanks for your help

Just for info, we live in the S & L and have recent Titres de Sejour so they don't mind issuing them round here.

Many thanks Terry, I'll get in touch with these people. And I didn't know he could still apply for a C. de séjour, indeed it can always be useful (knowing he is a Master at losing his passport!).

This was a number of years ago, so I don't know if it still applies, but I used to have two passports because my job could take me to Israel, and some other countries I had to visit would refuse you entry if you had an Israeli stamp in your passport. Talk to the British Embassy in Paris or the consulate in Marseille which covers Saône et Loire

Your husband could renew his Carte de Sejour anyway. I know it's not compulsory any more but in a country where any number of people can and will ask for ID I reckon it's a useful thing to have and a useful fallback if you mislay your passport.