Down by the river

We have moved to a property in the same region and in a lovely spot near the river.
We need to put our project on the marketing map in order to achieve reservations for
this summer,
We are 24230 can anyone suggest an artistic web designer
Need help setting up VRBO introduction and similar,

I thought you were giving up with the rentals Barbara

I can’t help with web designer but I offer a photography/video service if that’s of use.

Mark I love my work.
Meeting different guests and seeing them enjoy their holiday.
I have 2 houses here and we have adequate privacy
The location is special so I had to buy the property,
Brian I thank you for your suggestion but the photo side of things is

Such a shame I only find out now - I would have jumped at your services last summer when we were putting our website together - professional photos are a whole world away from what an individual can do.

Next time I will be in touch.

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You could try a drag and drop web-based site builder like Weebly. Basically you choose a theme/style/colours etc and then build the pages by adding images and text that you can arrange as you want. You can build a simple site for free.

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I agree, they tend to be easy to do - and you have full control of editing in the future.

Another vote for Weebly :sunglasses:

Yes I could do

But I first have to get a decent computer

My current one is a nightmare and we are unable to

Re set to find the arabesque or the question mark etc

A friend set up the machine from day 1 and done something



That wouldn’t make things easy :yum:

Oh dear ! There is a weebly app for iPad if you have one of those, and probably other tablets. I do find it easier to use my Mac.

If you have your data backed up on a separate stored medium etc then you could try doing a system reset:


My kind friend feels that he is a IT whizz kid but he is not


My other half’s daughter is a professional web designer, if you would like to contact her, I can pm her details.

That sounds good.
Where is she located.

She is in the UK , Barbara

Serif Webplus X8 is a good drag and drop package that I used for my website(s) very intuative and easy to edit.

Hello, we are in 23140 Cressat, and have a wonderful English speaking web designer who is just finishing our website, it’s not launched yet but the offline website he has built so far is beautiful… Really excellent. Not expensive either LOL :joy: if you want details do please contact me.

That would be great…thank you

Contact me I have messaged you.