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Hi, I have a question regarding downloads. I downloaded a programme to my fixed computer which is Windows 7, with no problem. However, I would like the same programme on my laptop, which is Windows 8. With that I downloaded the programme but just get a blank screen when I try to open it. Any advice welcome!

Perhaps an obvious question, do I could install windows 7 and leave windows 8 or delete windows 8? The laptop is an Asus and I did think the problem was due to my firewall as the app opens my internet browser (Chrome) but says the page is inaccessible. It is a very obscure app and I think this may be a problem as Windows 8 did try to block it saying that it could be a risk as it was not downloaded a lot. However, I know is is not a risk and it works well on my fixed computer which has Windows 7. But I would like it on my laptop as I may have to use it somewhere else. I find Windows 8 annoying anyway, it is always leaping around all over the place.

Louise, what is the application? If we had that information it could help. Also detailed info on the lappy would help.

Also it has been very well documented that Windows 8 has not been well received in the industry, and Enterprises are sticking with Windows 7 or waiting to see what turns up in Windows 9. It's another Vista.

If you have the install media for your Windows 7 machine - you are perfectly entitled to install that on your laptop, this would cure your problem.

It really depends how important this app is to you as to the amount of trouble you are prepared to go too.

Windows 8 also supports Hyper-V , which would allow you to run Windows 7 as a virtual machine. Another option,

Maybe this link will help. It talks you through making older programs to work in Win 8 (not the same as above link)

Thanks for your answers. I tried the older programme link but haven't had any success, it seems there are some errors with some of the files.

I tried the Alt Ctrl and double click, but get a properties box which doesn't give me a compatability tab.

Hi Louise,

When you say you get a blank screen when you open it - does his mean that you have already installed the application ok? Did you download the version for Windows 8? If yes, then you could try to run the app as an older version of Windows. Not sure if it's the same in Win 8 but in Win 7 you can double click on the application icon on the desktop whilst holding down Alt and Ctrl. This brings up a dialog box and in the compatibility tab you can choose which OS you want to run the app as, e.g. Win 7.

Good luck,


Hi Louise - well the first thing to check the application is that is it compatible with Windows 8. A large amount of applications can be made to work, but were designed for a different interface, as you will have noticed the interface has changed considerably ;-).

What is the name of the application and have you tried running it in compatibility mode?

Here is a link which could help.

Getting apps running in Windows 8

Hi Louise

Try this compatibility help for programs that run in older versions of windows: