DREAL inspection for vehicles without Certificate of Conformity

ASAP… it’s not my car - I’ve been asked to help a friend…

If it is a limited production model or a recent kit car then you will certainly have problems.
Without knowing even the year there is not much help I can give you.
Hopefully it will turn out to be a simple DREAL inspection & not one that requires a visit to UTAC in Paris for the major checks.

Is it a Delorean Stella ?
I bet it’s a Delorean…

OK folks… this is the nearest I can get… :wink:


Just got a CoC for my Volvo. Not a classic car, but where the dealer just shrugged his shoulders ‘never heard of a CoC’.
Volvo UK, after a quick phone call and email issued a CoC free of charge.
Now trying to track down a CoC for a Saab…
Any pointers where to start?

We had it the same with Honda UK, CoC issued without delay and free of charge after I emailed to request it.

Saab UK - 170 euros. Delivered in 2 to 10 days. https://www.rbmperformance.com/lng_EN_srub_161_iprod_3599-certificate-of-conformity-saab-1997-2012.html

No CoC for our 1993 Saab. Built before CoC became law, company not in existence anymore. Will have to probably go the DREAL inspection route.

Got me wondering… If the Saab (your 1993 model) was ever offered for sale in France (albeit LHD) …

Any car buffs know the answer ??


You’re lucky ! Volvo have quoted me 95GBP for a CoC

I had the ‘pleasure’ of a DREAL inspection, about 4 years ago - cost €84. This was because BMW refused to send a proper CofC, and would only issue a partial one, whatever that meant. I had been to an official BMW dealership for further information, then the DREAL man (limoges area 87) was extremely pleasant, and almost apologised for the extra ‘hoop’ my lovely car had to drive through, and passed it without too much bother.
Those were the days when you could go to the Prefecture for such things, and I’m so glad I haven’t got to do it now, with today’s restrictive ‘online only’ rule.
The car is from 1993, so a bit old…

Your example is easy to understand. BMW were unable to provide a CoC for your car because it was too old. It was built before the CoC was introduced.

Had the pleasure of seeing the latest “vehicle” get its French number plates after a successful DREAL visit.

Not really a vehicle - a giant horsebox - but it needed to have almost all the bells and whistles that any vehicle has. No CoC of course and quite stressful wondering if it would pass muster - but the Inspection at Perigueux was very straight forward. Still the same, lovely man we first met some 20 years ago.

Phew, it is really nice when something you dread gets sorted. :hugs:

A horsebox eh? Interesting… bought from the UK?

I am probably going to be quite familiar with our local DREAL place (wherever that is) as we will have both a motorhome AND a glider trailer to get through the hoops.

The glider trailer that we currently have is not one we will bring with us because it is fairly old and made of wood on a steel chassis (early 1970’s) - so we will be buying a modern one from Germany, but I guess it will still need to go through the inspection.

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No idea about planes/gliders. But it makes sense that they are recognised as safe for you and for everyone else.

Germany will probably provide all the necessary documents - which may avoid DREAL anyway. This is surely something you can discuss when buying… (before buying)

(yes, UK horsebox with great sentimental value - hence the desire to get it registered here rather than simply sell it in UK. No V5 issued in UK of course, let alone a CoC, so DREAL was the only option.)

Are you converting it & moving in Stella…
You’ll inevitably end up smelling of patchouli…

:smile: it belongs to friends… and the horses have first dibs… :rofl:

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If the trailer is a Cobra, then you get the COC with it. I have seen numerous ones on the road around Abbeville on French plates.

Hi Stella, I think we are getting a trailer that is over 500kg from someone in the UK, company no longer exists etc. Would this be where we would need to go to get the CoC here? What are they called? when dh was looking into it he thought we’d need to go to Bordeaux. If it is Perigueux that would be soooo easy!

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