Dream home lookers


New to the board and 6 weeks into our French adventure. It is still all very fresh and new but doung our best to keep our heads screwed on and not to get too carried away!

Next week, we are starting our search for the perfect property. Not entirely sure of whether we take on a full renovation project or something more established but keeping our eyes open in the hope that it jumps out and smacks us in the face!

We are open to hear from anyone selling a property privately in Perigord Noir or Northern Lot, or if anyone has any recommendations for estate agents it would be much appreciated.


Jamie and Pauline


Hi Jamie and Pauline… and welcome to the forum.

Hopefully, folk will chime in with ideas and suggestions…

meanwhile trawl through the Topics and Threads… there’s a lot of info that may be of interest/useful… :relaxed:


Thank you Stella. Looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get stuck in!


Hi guys my partner David and I are in mid process of buying a small farm plot in Mayenne. Happy to share experiences with you. And share things as I find them out. If you haven’t discovered it already check out.

A wealth of property but also really helpful guides and info about areas to. Look forward to seeing how you get on.

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Thank Brian. I discovered this the other day. Really useful stuff :+1: yes would be great to share experiences. We can laugh and cry our way through our upcoming experiences! If you don’t mind me asking, did you buy from a immobillier or did you buy privately?

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We are still in the buying process we complete We are buying through Agence Thom, in Mayenne who are very fortunately owned by a lovely English lady called Jane Thom and she has been brilliant. She has access to an English speaking Notaire who explained the contracts to us in detail which made that whole part a lot easier. You can see what I’m buying and the bargain I’m getting in the post called “Madness or a new adventure - jumping straight in to a property purchase!” On here keep in touch I’ve found this forum really helpful so far.


Nice to hear! Thanks!

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Hello Jamie and Pauline

I have, by chance, seen this site today. I personally don’t know anything about them but I will post the link here. That way you can browse to your hearts content, preferably with a bottle of French wine to hand ! Good luck …


Fab thanks Ann :grin:

Just a quick question, open to anyone who may have the answer!

Before jumping in with an agent, we were wondering what people’s experience have buying privately I believe that you can potentially negotiate a better deal based on the fact that you do not have agency fees. Is there anywhere that you would recommend were we can put up an ad in order to make potential sellers aware of our intentions?

We bought privately, and have previously bought and sold privately in the UK. Much nicer experience as get direct contact with previous owners (who are now good friends). We found them through trawling internet, as they just had a personal site. Leboncoin is also memtioned a lot, but can open you up to junk mail and you have to be alert for scams. Also pap.fr

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We are currently in the process of buying privately. It seems fine but it will obviously depend on the people involved.

I actually like how direct the communications can be without a middleman.

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Have bought and sold numerous times privately using leboncoin. No real hassle but it’s obviously up to you to do the agents job filtering time-waisters/scams etc. Not sure about advertising for what you’re looking for… just get out there and you should find it :wink:

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