Dreams and their meanings

I have been having flying dreams recently, it’s great, I’m really enjoying the euphoria and they are very realistic, to the point that this morning I woke up on the roof of my garden shed,
What could this possibly mean,?. As I only drank 18 cans of Guinness last night I know it’s not the alcohol, :grin:

Yes, well I still haven’t got over dreaming a couple of weeks ago that I was eating a giant marshmallow, and I can’t find my pillow anywhere either.

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The Guinness might explain the peeing probs ?


After that much Guinness, peeing would be the least of your problems

Wasn’t this fella was it? If so we may have impending issues…

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The only problem with drinking 18 cans of Guinness, is that I can’t sleep,
I’m up singing all night :joy:

That’s not Boaty McBoatface’s cousin, is it?

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Yes, Puffy McPuff-face :rofl:

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I had a dream last week that I was in my local Bar Tabac playing pool, and the bloke I was playing against was really good, so to up my chances, I chalked my nose, and threw myself down the table on the break,
I’m now banned from my local Bar tabac and am having difficulty separating dreams from reality,
Another can of Guinness should sort that out :grin:

I told my wife I had a dream that in a previous life she was Chinese…

She told me that was impossible because she has never been Wong :joy:

:joy: Very good, reminds me of the bucking bronco sex position,
When your having sex with your wife, call her by another woman’s name and see how long you can hang on :grin:

just fell off the chair :joy: