Drilling verb tenses

I’ve always taken a cavalier attitude to verb tenses, and accents. People are usually kind enough to pretend to understand me, or cut me plenty of slack.

In an attempt to remedy this, I’ve started using again an app which may be called Conjuu (confusingly, it’s listed as Français on my iPhone, but the icon says “Conjuu”), which allows me to do conjugation drills for a substantial number of verbs and tenses.

I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know if it’s available for Android (I can’t see it available on my Kindle Fire, but that’s not conclusive), but I’d recommend it.

Does it have the subjunctive or is that considered “unused” nowadays ?

Bien sûr !

Here’s what it has (you can select ce qui fait frissonner ta fantaisie:) )

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Ooh, I should look this up. I changed jobs and now have lots of French colleagues whereas before I only ever dealt with Brits… My written French isn’t as good as my spoken French (or as good as it should be!). I picked up a grammar book recently but have yet to give it a go.

Edit: boo… You’re right it’s iPhone only :frowning:


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Just had a heart attack at the thought


I’m suitably impressed !

I’m a nightmare and now fully aware of it! Like one of the PPs (Gareth?) I’m working in French now and it is a/ exhausting full time and b/ embarrassing! If anyone has another similar site I can use I’d be much obliged! I must have a bit of CFP hanging around so going to use it for some French lessons!

I can chat away BTW and my vocab is pretty good but my grammar is shite!

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Many, many years ago, about 20 I should think, I was in a bookstore in France and spotted what I thought was dictionary but in fact turned out to be something far more useful.

It has been invaluable over the years, well worn now and the only legible word on the cover is ‘Conjugaison’. I treasure it and handle it very carefully because it lists every French verb with every conjugation, all 20 of them. :astonished: Also because someone who I recommended it to said that it was out of print.

Of course I don’t carry it about with me but it has been so useful in my many writings in French over the years.

The publisher was Librio.

Some sort of Bescherelle then.

Maybe I ought to open mine!

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Hadn’t heard of that but after just googling, yes it seems to be the same.

Some years back at a visit to the dentist he asked ‘qu’est que vous voulez que je fasse?’ All I could think of was face, sometimes the same in French although I usually use visage, and although I knew that my teeth were just behind it could not for the life of me think what he meant. :rofl:

Fortunately, seeing my confusion he repeated in English ‘what do you want me to do?’

I came home and consulted my Librio and that is how I learned the subjunctive in French. Don’t remember being taught it at school in English although I have used it many times in my life without realising what it was. :grinning:

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I had an edition of the Bescherelle conjugation/grammar book (it was pale blue hardback in the 80’s) and the Grévisse “le bon usage” book during my time at uni. Possibly still have them in the attic somewhere.

Grevisse is La Référence :heart_eyes:

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@vero does this have practice or just the lists? Could you recommend me a workbook I can buy to practice?

Grevisse is le bon usage used to settle arguments among French people, but not necessarily that helpful for learners, depending on their level. I like it for the same reason I like Fowler in English (grammar nerd). I don’t know what to recommend because I never had to learn French :slightly_smiling_face:

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