Drivers to face de facto Brexit border in Kent

If there are going to be these enormous queues of lorries bacause the UK can’t get its act together how will this affect private citizens trevelling to/from France?

Do people appreciate the irony of there being a de facto border on the mainland of the UK around Kent? How will this affect ports such as Newhaven, Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth, Harwich, and oethers?

It’s not really a border though, is it? - If you are doing anything other than the commercial export of goods to the EU you won’t notice a thing - unless, that is, you get caught in the queue of lorries on the M20

I must admit I worry more about the effect on Portsmouth as that is the port I normally use.

However I’m quite amused by the way people are tying themselves in knots over this, and have zero sympathy for the good denizens of Kent I’m afraid as they voted strongly for Brexit.


I couldn’t agree more.

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I would definitely be more concerned about the effects on the smaller ports, which simply don’t have the infrastructure to cope with logjams. Vehicle density on the roads of the UK is an issue in normal, unfettered access times, I can only imagine what hell it would wreak if transport vehicles are forced to back up on access roads into port cities/towns due to increased processing times at the borders in general. I imagine that similar issues will hit the French, Belgium and Dutch ports too though. For France, outside of Calais, I don’t recall that many of the port towns that connect to the UK have any significant traffic management infrastructure, but to be fair, I haven’t used any of them in the last 10 years.

Cherbourg might be OK as they have that loop of the N13 which takes traffic around town - and probably if necessary some sort of processing/holding area could be constructed fairly easily.

St Malo, Ouistreham or Le Havre would be hopeless because the existing roads all go through the towns - but I don’t know how much freight comes through them, probably not huge amounts compared with Calais.

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