Driving abroad - what forms for an accident

In France, if you have an accident, one of the things you need to do on the scene is fill out a “constat amiable”. But what do you do if you have an accident abroad? I heard that in the EU, there is a similar form to the “constat amiable”, but I don’t know where to get it nor what to do about language differences? Eg, if I’m driving in Spain, would I fill out my half in French and have the other driver fill out his/her half in Spanish? Is the form multi-lingual so it’s clear to everyone what to put where?

What about driving in the UK? If I have an accident there, is there any special form that my French insurer is going to want me to have filled out? Or would I just get the other driver’s details?

AFAIK there is no equiv form in the UK to the constat amiable but you must always exchange details as detailed in this publication.

If anywhere else in Europe, your French constat amiable will be required for your insurance purposes and the other driver will meet the obligations they require for theirs.
The underlying principle in any case is never to admit responsibility, nor expect the other party to either.